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    Massimo Sartelli, Matteo Bassetti, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, editors.
    Classification and principals of treatment
    Inflammatory mediators in Intra-abdominal sepsis
    Intra-abdominal sepsis and imaging considerations
    High-risk patients and prognostic factors for abdominal sepsis
    Acute appendicitis: what is the best strategy to treat acute appendicites (both complicated and uncomplicated)?
    Acute cholecystitis
    Acute cholangitis
    Pyogenic liver abscess
    Gastroduodenal perforations
    Small bowel perforations
    Acute colonic diverticulitis
    Postoperative peritonitis: etiology, diagnosis, and treatment
    Damage control surgery in managing abdominal sepsis (Fausto Catena, Italy)
    Ongoing peritonitis
    Evolving treatment strategies for severe Clostridium difficile colitis: defining the therapeutic window
    Complicated intra-dominal infections: principles of antimicrobial therapy
    Antimicrobial armamentarium
    Antimicrobial resistance in intra-abdominal infections
    The role of Candida in abdominal sepsis
    The value and interpretation of microbial specimens in the management of cIAI
    Appropriate antimicrobial therapy in critically ill patients
    Hemodynamic support
    Adjunctive therapies in abdominal sepsis
    Impact and management of abdominal compartment syndrome in patients with abdominal sepsis
    Thromboprophylaxis in patiens with abdominal sepsis
    Nutritional support for abdominal sepsis.
    Digital Access Springer 2018