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    [edited by] Jose I. Almeida.
    Summary: "Highly visual and packed with useful, practical information, Atlas of Endovascular Venous Surgery, 2nd Edition, provides real-world instruction on the evaluation, diagnostic imaging, and medical and endovascular surgical management of acute and chronic venous diseases. Dr. Jose Almeida, pioneering expert in the field and host of the annual International Vein Congress, along with other highly regarded practitioners, offers an authoritative understanding of what causes increased venous pressure and solutions for reducing venous hypertension. Detailed, full-color intraoperative illustrations capture key teaching moments, helping you better understand the nuances of surgery and improve your ability to perform cutting-edge procedures"--Publisher's description.

    Venous anatomy
    Venous hemodynamics
    Venous pathophysiology
    Venous diagnostic tools
    Endovenous thermal ablation of saphenous reflux
    Radiofrequency thermal ablation: current data
    Laser thermal ablation: current data
    Nonthermal ablation of saphenous reflux
    Treatment of perforating veins
    Treatment of varicosed tributary veins
    Endovenous approach to recurrent varicose veins
    Thromboembolic disease
    Endovenous placement of inferior vena cava filters
    Pharmacological thrombolysis
    New concepts in the management of pulmonary embolism
    Endothermal heat-induced thrombosis
    Postthrombotic syndrome
    Iliocaval and femoral venous occlusive disease
    Deep venous incompetence and valve repair
    Venous ulcers
    Pelvic venous disorders
    Nutcracker syndrome
    Treatment of spider telangiectasias
    Endovenous management of central and upper extremity veins
    Venous malformations
    Severity scoring and outcomes measurement
    Evidence-based summary of guidelines from the American Venous Forum and the Society for Vascular Surgery.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2019