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    edited by Baldev Raj, Marcel Van de Voorde, and Yashwant Mahajan.
    Summary: In three handy volumes, this ready reference provides a detailed overview of nanotechnology as it is applied to energy sustainability. Clearly structured, following an introduction, the first part of the book is dedicated to energy production, renewable energy, energy storage, energy distribution, and energy conversion and harvesting. The second part then goes on to discuss nano-enabled materials, energy conservation and management, technological and intellectual property-related issues and markets and environmental remediation. The text concludes with a look at and recommendations for future technology advances. An essential handbook for all experts in the field - from academic researchers and engineers to developers in industry.

    Energy Production. Fossil Fuels: The Effect of Zeolite Catalyst Particle Morphology on Catalyst Performance in the Conversion of Methanol to Hydrocarbons / Katarzyna Anna Łukaszuk, Pablo del Campo Huertas, Andrea Molino, Malte Nielsen, Daniel Rojo-Gama, Juan Salvador Martinez-Espin, Karl Petter Lillerud, Unni Olsbye, Silvia Bordiga, Pablo Beato, Stian Svelle
    Fossil Fuels: Nanotechnologies for Petroleum Reservoir Engineering / Igor N Evdokimov
    Fossil Fuels: Coke-Resistant Nanomaterials for Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) Fuels / Brian A Rosen, Sarika Singh
    Photovoltaics: Light Energy Harvesting with Plasmonic Nanoparticle Networks / Jean-Paul Hugonin, Mondher Besbes, Philippe Ben-Abdallah
    Photovoltaics: Role of Nanotechnology in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells / Murugesan Janani, Shantikumar V Nair, A Sreekumaran Nair
    Photovoltaics: Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic Conversion / Abdelilah Slaoui, Daniel Lincot, Jean François Guillemoles, Ludovic Escoubas
    Photovoltaics: Light-Trapping in Crystalline Silicon and Thin-Film Solar Cells by Nanostructured Optical Coatings / Pierpaolo Spinelli, Bonna K Newman, Albert Polman
    Photovoltaics: Nanoengineered Materials and Their Functionality in Solar Cells / Kaining Ding, Thomas Kirchartz, Karsten Bittkau, Andreas Lambertz, Vladimir Smirnov, Jürgen Hüpkes, Uwe Rau
    Nonselective Coatings for Solar Thermal Applications in CSP / Raj Kumar Bera, Daniel Mandler, Shlomo Magdassi
    Selective Surfaces for Solar Thermal Energy Conversion in CSP: From Multilayers to Nanocomposites / Audrey Soum-Glaude, Laurie Di Giacomo, Sébastien Quoizola, Thomas Laurent, Gilles Flamant
    Nanobiotechnology Augmenting Biological Gaseous Energy Recovery / Shantonu Roy, Debabrata Das
    Nanotechnologies in Sodium-Cooled Fast Spectrum Reactor and Closed Fuel Cycle Sustainable Nuclear Energy System / Baldev Raj, U Kamachi Mudali
    Nanotechnology and Applications for Electric Power: The Perspective of a Major Player in Electricity / Didier Noël
    Lightweight Nanostructured Materials and Their Certification for Wind Energy Applications / Bikramjit Basu, Sherine Alex, N Eswara Prasad
    Energy Storage and Distribution. Nanostructured Materials for Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries / T Sri Devi Kumari, T Prem Kumar, AK Shukla
    Carbon Nanotube Materials to Realize High-Performance Supercapacitors / Anthony Childress, Jingyi Zhu, Mehmet Karakaya, Deepika Saini, Ramakrishna Podila, Apparao Rao
    Recent Developments and Prospects of Nanostructured Supercapacitors / Katherine L Van Aken, Yury Gogotsi
    Nanostructured and Complex Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage / Lars H Jepsen, Mark Paskevicius, Torben R Jensen
    Nanotechnology for the Storage of Hydrogen / Marek Nowak, Mieczyslaw Jurczyk
    Phase Change Nanomaterials for Thermal Energy Storage / Kinga Pielichowska, Krzysztof Pielichowski
    Carbon Nanotube Wires and Cables: Near-Term Applications and Future Perspectives / Jeremy Lee, Seeram Ramakrishna
    Energy Conversion and Harvesting. Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials: Current Research and Future Challenges / Hilaal Alam, Seeram Ramakrishna
    Nanostructured Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Thermoelectric Materials / Zhi-Gang Chen, Jin Zou
    Nanomaterials for Fuel Cell Technology / KS Dhathathreyan, N Rajalakshmi, R Balaji
    Contributions of Nanotechnology to Hydrogen Production / Sambandam Anandan, Femi Thomas Cheruvathoor, Muthupandian Ashokkumar
    Nanoenhanced Materials for Photolytic Hydrogen Production / Xiuquan Gu, Shuai Yuan, Mingguo Ma, Jiefang Zhu
    Human Vibration Energy Harvester with PZT / Tamil Selvan Ramadoss, Seeram Ramakrishna
    Energy Consumption in Information and Communication Technology: Role of Semiconductor Nanotechnology / Victor V Zhirnov, Kota VRM Murali
    Nanoenabled Materials and Coatings for Energy Applications. Nanocrystalline Bainitic Steels for Industrial Applications / C Garcia-Mateo, FG Caballero
    Graphene and Graphene Oxide for Energy Storage / Edward P Randviir, Craig E Banks
    Inorganic Nanotubes and Fullerene-Like Nanoparticles at the Crossroad between Materials Science and Nanotechnology and Their Applications with Regard to Sustainability / Leela S Panchakarla, Reshef Tenne
    Nanotechnology, Energy, and Fractals Nature / Vojislav V Mitić, Ljubiša M Kocić, Steven Tidrow, Hans-Jörg Fecht
    Magnesium Based Nanocomposites for Cleaner Transport / Manoj Gupta, Sankaranarayanan Seetharaman
    Nanocomposites: A Gaze through Their Applications in Transport Industry / Kottan Renganayagalu Ravi, Jayakrishnan Nampoothiri, Baldev Raj
    Semiconducting Nanowires in Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Energy Generation / Guglielmo Vastola, Gang Zhang
    Nanoliquid Metal Technology Toward High-Performance Energy Management, Conversion, and Storage / Jing Liu
    IoNanofluids: Innovative Agents for Sustainable Development / Carlos Nieto de Castro, Xavier Paredes, Salomé Vieira, Sohel Murshed, Maria José Lourenço, Fernando Santos
    Energy Conservation and Management. Silica Aerogels for Energy Conservation and Saving / Yamini Ananthan, Keerthi Sanghamitra K, Neha Hebalkar
    Nanotechnology in Architecture / George Elvin
    Nanofluids for Efficient Heat Transfer Applications / Baldev Raj, SA Angayarkanni, John Philip
    Technologies, Intellectual Property, and Markets. Nanomaterials for Li-Ion Batteries: Patents Landscape and Product Scenario / Md Shakeel Iqbal, Nisha C Kalarickal, Vivek Patel, Ratnesh Kumar Gaur
    Nanotechnology in Fuel Cells: A Bibliometric Analysis / Manish Sinha, Ratnesh Kumar Gaur, Harshad Karmarkar
    Techno-Commercial Opportunities of Nanotechnology in Wind Energy / Vivek Patel, YR Mahajan
    Environmental Remediation. Nanomaterials for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Fuels and Value-Added Products / Ibram Ganesh
    Nanomaterial-Based Methods for Cleaning Contaminated Water in Oil Spill Sites / Boris I Kharisov, HV Rasika Dias, Oxana V Kharissova, Yolanda Peña Méndez
    Nanomaterials and Direct Air Capture of CO2 / Dirk Fransaer.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017