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    [edited by] Robert E. Gross, Nicholas M. Boulis.
    1. Intracranial monitoring techniques
    2. The stereoelectroencephalography technique and methodology
    3. Surgical anatomy of the temporal lobe
    4. Tailored and standard temporal lobectomy
    5. Selective amygdalohippocampectomy
    6. Surgical treatment of extratemporal epilepsy
    7. Magnetic resonance imaging-guided stereotactic laser ablation for epilepsy
    8. Hypothalamic hamartomas
    9. Anatomic hemispherectomy
    10. Peri-insular hemispherotomy
    11. Multiple subpial transections and multiple hippocampal transections for epilepsy in eloquent brain areas
    12. Technical aspects of callosotomy
    13. Responsive neurostimulation for th treatment of epilepsy
    14. Deep brain stimulation of anterior thalamic nuclei for epilepsy
    15. Vagus nerve stimulation for intractable epilepsy
    16. Frame-based stereotactic DBS implantation of vim for essential treamor and other cerebellar outflow tremors
    17. Chronic subthalamic nucleus stimulation for Parkinson's Disease
    18. Frame-based globus pallidus deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's Disease or dystonia
    19. Interventional MRI-guided deep brain stimulator implantation
    20. Frameless DBS implantation with the O-arm
    21. DBS implnatation with 3D-printed stereotactic platforms and the cranial vault probabilistic atlas
    22. Frameless and frame-based lead implantation in computed tomography scanner
    23. Ablative procedures for movement disorders: pallidotomy
    24. Stereotactic surgery for obsessive-compulsive disorders and Tourette Syndrome
    25. Stereotactic surgery for depression
    26. Pediatric functional neurosurgery
    27. Radiosurgery for functional neurosurgical procedures
    28. MVD and open rhizotomy for cranial neuralgias
    29. Stereotactic radiosurgery for trigeminal neuralgia
    30. Percutaneous ablative treatment of neuropathic facial pain
    31. Dorsal root entry zone: spinal cord
    32. Dorsal root entry zone: nucleus caudalis
    33. Open surgical and percutaneous radiofrequncy cordotomy
    34. Peripheral nerve stimualation for pain relief: primer on occipital nerve stimulation
    35. Spinal nerve root and dorsal root ganglion stimulation
    36. Neurosurgical interventions for neuropathic craniofacial pain
    37. Implantation of a spinal cord stimulator for pain relief
    38. Motor cortex stimulation for the treatment of noncancer chronic pain
    39. Deep brain stimulation for medically intractable pain syndromes
    40. Sympathectomy
    41. Interventional pain management techniques for low back pain
    42. Pumps for pain and spasticity
    43. Treatment of idiopathic intracranial hypertension and normal pressure hydrocephalus with cerebrospinal fluid shunt implantation
    44. Trigeminal ganglion stimulation.
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