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    edited by David Sprigings, John Chambers.
    Summary: "Acute Medicine offers an accessible and concise guide to the practical management of all acute medical problems likely to be encountered in the emergency department, ambulatory care centre, acute medical unit or on the wards. Reflecting the maturation of acute medicine as a separate specialty, the book is divided into common presentations, specific problems and procedures. New to the fifth edition is a chapter on bed-side ultrasonography; throughout, emphasis is placed on patient safety, and the use of flow diagrams, tables and figures ensures that key information is quickly accessible. Thoroughly revised by experts in the subject, and updated to reflect current approaches to diagnosis and management, Acute Medicine is an excellent companion for the trainee as well as an aide-mm̌oire for the more experienced physician"--Provided by publisher.

    Presentations in Acute Medicine. The critically ill patient / Marlies Ostermann, David Sprigings
    Hypotension and shock / Marlies Ostermann, David Sprigings
    Reduced conscious level / Simon Rinaldi
    Delirium / David Sprigings
    Falls in older people / Simon Conroy, Oja Pathak
    Cardiac arrest in hospital / David Sprigings, John B Chambers
    Acute chest pain / John B Chambers, David Sprigings
    Palpitations / Sandeep Hothi, David Sprigings
    Transient loss of consciousness / Sandeep Hothi, David Sprigings
    Acute breathlessness / David Sprigings, John B Chambers
    Acute respiratory failure / Nayia Petousi
    Pleural effusion / Ioannis Psallidas
    Cough and haemoptysis / Ahmed Yousuf
    Neurological diagnosis in acute medicine / Simon Rinaldi
    Acute headache / Simon Rinaldi
    Seizures and epilepsy / Bridget MacDonald
    Weakness and paralysis / Simon Rinaldi
    Acute sensory symptoms / Simon Rinaldi
    Loss of vision / Tristan McMullan, David Sprigings
    Acute vomiting / Simon Anderson
    Acute abdominal pain / Simon Anderson
    Acute diarrhoea / Simon Anderson
    Acute jaundice / Ben Warner, Mark Wilkinson
    Ascites / Ben Warner, Mark Wilkinson
    Acute kidney injury / Marlies Ostermann, David Sprigings
    Acute rash / Nemesha Desai, Ruth Lamb
    Urticaria and angioedema / Alexandra Croom
    Acute arthritis / Kehinde Sunmboye
    Acute spinal pain / Michael Canty
    Acute limb pain / David Sprigings
    Comprehensive geriatric assessment / Simon Conroy, Oja Pathak
    Acute medical problems in pregnancy / Lucy Mackillop, Charlotte Frise
    Fever on return from abroad / Nick Beeching, Mike Beadsworth
    Acute medical problems in the HIV-positive patient / Mas Chaponda, Nick Beeching
    Syndromes and Disorders. Sepsis / Guy Glover, Manu Shankar-Hari
    Poisoning / Nigel Langford, David Sprigings
    Acid-base disorders / Nick Talbot
    Anaphylaxis / Alexandra Croom
    Acute arrhythmias: general principles of management / David Sprigings, John B Chambers
    Regular broad complex tachycardia / Michael Cooklin, David Sprigings
    Irregular broad complex tachycardia / Michael Cooklin, David Sprigings
    Narrow complex tachycardia / Michael Cooklin, David Sprigings
    Atrial fibrillation and flutter / Michael Cooklin, David Sprigings
    Bradycardia and atrioventricular block / Michael Cooklin, David Sprigings
    Acute coronary syndromes (1): ST-segment elevation / Jim Newton, John B Chambers
    Acute coronary syndromes (2): Non-ST-segment elevation / Jim Newton, John B Chambers
    Acute pulmonary oedema / David Sprigings, John B Chambers
    Acute heart failure and decompensated chronic heart failure / John B Chambers, David Sprigings
    Cardiogenic shock / John B Chambers, David Sprigings
    Aortic dissection and other acute aortic syndromes / John B Chambers
    Heart valve disease and prosthetic heart valves / John B Chambers
    Infective endocarditis / John B Chambers, John L Klein
    Acute pericarditis / David Sprigings, John B Chambers
    Cardiac tamponade / John B Chambers, David Sprigings
    Severe hypertension / David Sprigings, John B Chambers
    Deep vein thrombosis / Charlotte Masterton-Smith, Kevin O'Kane
    Pulmonary embolism / Roshan Navin, Kevin O'Kane
    Problems with pacemakers and other cardiac devices / Michael Cooklin, David Sprigings
    Upper airway obstruction / Matthew Frise
    Acute asthma / Swapna Mandal
    Exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) / Eui-Sik Suh
    Community-acquired pneumonia / Ahmed Yousuf
    Hospital-acquired pneumonia / Ahmed Yousuf
    Pneumothorax / Rob Hallifax
    Stroke / Tony Rudd, Ajay Bhalla
    Transient ischaemic attack / Ajay Bhalla, Tony Rudd
    Subarachnoid haemorrhage / Michael Canty
    Bacterial meningitis / David Sprigings, John L Klein
    Encephalitis / David Sprigings
    Spinal cord compression / Michael Canty
    Guillain-Barré syndrome / Simon Rinaldi
    Raised intracranial pressure / Michael Canty
    Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding / Simon Anderson, Udi Shmueli
    Acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding / Sophia Savva, Andrew Dixon
    Acute oesophageal disorders / Sophia Savva, Andrew Dixon
    Inflammatory bowel disease flare / Sophia Savva, Andrew Dixon
    Acute liver failure and decompensated chronic liver disease / Ben Warner, Mark Wilkinson
    Alcoholic hepatitis / Ben Warner, Mark Wilkinson
    Biliary tract disorders and acute pancreatitis / Ben Warner, Mark Wilkinson
    Urinary tract infection / Carolyn Hemsley, Claire van Nispen tot Pannerden
    Hypoglycaemia / Vimal Venugopal, Vito Carone, Manohara Kenchaiah
    Hyperglycaemic states / Vimal Venugopal, Vito Carone, Manohara Kenchaiah
    Diabetic ketoacidosis / Vimal Venugopal, Vito Carone, Manohara Kenchaiah
    Hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic state / Vimal Venugopal, Vito Carone, Manohara Kenchaiah
    Disorders of plasma sodium concentration / James Crane, Paul Carroll, Martin Crook
    Disorders of plasma potassium concentration / Martin Crook
    Disorders of plasma calcium concentration / Martin Crook
    Disorders of plasma magnesium concentration / Martin Crook
    Disorders of plasma phosphate concentration / Martin Crook
    Acute adrenal insufficiency / James Crane, Paul Carroll
    Thyrotoxic storm / James Crane, Paul Carroll
    Myxoedema coma / James Crane, Paul Carroll
    Pituitary apoplexy / James Crane, Paul Carroll
    Paraganglioma (phaeochromocytoma) crisis / James Crane, Paul Carroll
    Cellulitis and necrotizing fasciitis / David Sprigings, John Klein
    Erythroderma and toxic epidermal necrolysis / Nemesha Desai, Seshi Manam
    Acute gout and pseudogout / Kehinde Sunmboye
    Septic arthritis / Kehinde Sunmboye, John L Klein
    Acute vasculitis / Raashid Luqmani
    Interpretation of full blood count and film / Claire Harrison
    Pancytopenia and febrile neutropenia / Deborah Hay
    Bleeding disorders / Claire Harrison
    Management of anticoagulation / Catherine Hildyard
    Acute painful sickle cell crisis / Jo Howard
    Complications of cancer / John B Chambers, Janine Mansi
    Alcohol-related problems in acute medicine / David Sprigings
    Hypothermia / David Sprigings
    Drowning / Francesca Garnham
    Electrical injury / Francesca Garnham, David Sprigings
    Palliative and end-of-life care / Louise Free
    Medicolegal issues in acute medicine / Tom Lloyd, Angelique Mastihi
    Techniques and Procedures in Acute Medicine. Airway management / Matthew Frise
    Non-invasive ventilation / Christopher Turnbull
    Ultrasonography in acute medicine / John B Chambers, Nadia Short, Luna Gargani
    Reading a chest X-ray / Ambika Talwar
    Central vein cannulation / Sandeep Hothi, David Sprigings
    Arterial blood sampling and cannulation / David Garry
    Arterial blood gases, oxygen saturation and oxygen therapy / David Sprigings
    Temporary cardiac pacing / Sandeep Hothi, David Sprigings
    Pericardial aspiration (pericardiocentesis) / Sandeep Hothi, David Sprigings
    DC cardioversion / Sandeep Hothi, David Sprigings
    Insertion of an intercostal chest drain / John Corcoran
    Lumbar puncture / Kannan Nithi
    Aspiration of the knee joint / Kehinde Sunmboye
    Insertion of a Sengstaken-Blakemore tube / Ben Warner, Mark Wilkinson.
    Digital Access Wiley 2018