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    edited by Lara Scheherazade Milane, Mansoor M. Amiji.
    Fundamentals of immunology and inflammation / Michael E. Woods -- Principles of nanomedicine / Wilson S. Meng and Jelena M. Janjic -- Nanotoxicity / Angie S. Morris and Aliasger K. Salem -- Translational nanomedicine / Lara Milane -- Inflammatory bowel disease -- Multiple sclerosis -- Asthma -- Neurodegenerative disease / Neha N. Parayath, Grishma Pawar, Charul Avachat, Marcel Menon Miyake, Benjamin Bleier, and Mansoor Amiji -- Cancer / Lara Milane -- Diabetes / Antonio J Ribeiro, Marlene Lopes, Raquel Monteiro, Gaia Cilloni, Francisco Veiga, Pharm.D; P. Arnaud.
    Digital Access  TandFonline 2017