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    [edited by] Valter Tucci.
    1. Genetic screens in neurodegeneration
    2. Computational epigenomics
    3. Behavioral phonetyping in zebrafish: the first models of alcohol induced abnormalities
    4. How does stress affect energy balance?
    5. Interactions of experience-dependent plasticity and LTP in the hippocampus during associative learning
    6. The genetics of cognition in schizophrenia: combining mouse and human studies
    7. The biological basis of economic choice
    8. Interval-timing protocols and their relevancy to the study of temporal cognition and neurobehavioral genetics
    9. Toolkits for cognition: from core knowledge to genes
    10. Quantitative genetics of behavioral phenotypes
    11. Behavioral phenotyping in genetic mouse models of autism spectrum disorders: a translational outlook
    12. Genetics of human sleep and sleep disorders
    13. The endocannabinoid system in the control of behavior
    14. Epigenetics in brain development and disease
    15. Impact of postnatal manipulations on offspring development in rodents
    16. Exploring the roles of genetics and the epigenetic mechanism DNA methylation in honey bee (Apis Mellifera) behavior
    17. Genetics and neuroepigenetics of sleep
    18. Behavioral phenotyping using optogenetic technology
    19. Phenotyping sleep: beyond EEG
    20. A cognitive neurogenetics screening system with a data-analysis toolbox
    21. Mapping the connectional architecture of the rodent brain with fMRI
    22. Cutting edge approaches for the identification and the functional investigation of miRNAs in brain science
    Digital Access Wiley 2017