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    [edited by] Alden H. Harken, Ernest E. Moore.
    I. General topics
    Are you ready for your surgical rotation?
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    How to treat all cardiac dysrhythmias
    How to think about shock
    Congestive heart failure (CHF) and pulmonary insufficiency
    Mechanical ventilation
    Why get arterial blood gases?
    Fluids, electrolytes, Gatorade, and sweat
    Nutritional assessment, parenteral, and enteral nutrition
    What does postoperative fever mean?
    Surgical wound infection
    Priorities in evaluation of the acute abdomen
    Surgical infectious disease
    Risks of blood-borne disease
    II. Trauma. Initial assessment
    Posttraumatic hemorrhagic shock
    Traumatic brain injury
    Spinal cord injuries
    Penetrating neck trauma
    Blunt thoracic trauma
    Penetrating thoracic trauma
    Blunt abdominal trauma
    Penetrating abdominal trauma
    Hepatic and biliary trauma
    Splenic trauma
    Pancreatic and duodenal injury
    Trauma to the colon and rectum
    Pelvic fractures
    Upper urinary tract injuries
    Lower urinary tract injury and pelvic trauma
    Extremity vascular injuries
    Facial lacerations
    Maxillofacial trauma
    Basic care of hand injuries
    Pediatric trauma
    III. Abdominal surgery. Appendicitis
    Gallbladder disease
    Pancreatic cancer
    Acute pancreatitis
    Diagnosis and therapy of chronic pancreatitis
    Portal hypertension and esophageal varices
    Gastroesophageal reflux disease
    Esophageal cancer
    Acid-peptic ulcer disease
    Small bowel obstruction
    Intestinal ischemia
    Diverticular disease of the colon
    Acute large bowel obstruction
    Inflammatory bowel disease
    Upper gastrointestinal bleeding
    Lower gastrointestinal bleeding
    Colorectal polyps
    Colorectal carcinoma
    Anorectal disease
    Inguinal hernia
    Bariatric surgery
    IV. Endocrine surgery. Hyperparathyroidism
    Thyroid nodules and cancer
    Surgical hypertension
    Adrenal laparoscopic adrenalectomy incidentaloma
    V. Breast surgery. Breast masses
    Primary therapy for breast cancer
    VI. Other cancers. What is cancer?
    Non-melanoma skin cancer
    Parotid tumors
    Neck masses
    VII. Vascular surgery. What is atherosclerosis?
    Arterial insufficiency
    Carotid disease
    Abdominal aortic aneurysm
    Venous disease
    Noninvasive vascular diagnostic laboratory
    VIII. Cardiothoracic surgery. Coronary artery disease
    Mitral stenosis
    Mitral regurgitation
    Aortic valvular disease
    Thoracic surgery for non-neoplastic disease
    Lung cancer
    Solitary pulmonary nodule
    Dissecting aortic aneurysm
    IX. Pediatric surgery. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
    Intestinal obstruction of neonates and infants
    Tracheoesophageal malformations
    Tracheoesophageal malformations
    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
    Abdominal tumors
    Congenital cysts and sinuses of the neck
    X. Transplantation. Liver transplantation
    Kidney and pancreas transplantation
    Heart transplantation
    Mechanical circulatory support
    Lung transplantation
    Penile and scrotal urologic emergencies
    XI. Urology. Renal cell carcinoma
    Bladder cancer
    Prostate cancer
    Urodynamics and voiding dysfunction
    Pediatric urology
    XII. Health care. Can health care be reformed?
    Ethics in the surgical intensive care unit
    Required reading.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2018