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    edited by Jenny Telleria, Michel Tibayrenc.
    History of the discovery of the American Trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease) / Tania C. Araujo-Jorge, Jenny Telleria, and Jaime Rios Dalenz -- Chagas disease in pre-Colombian civilizations / Felipe Guhl and Arthur Aufderheide -- Social and medical aspects: morbidity and mortality in the general population / João Carlos Pinto Dias and Christopher John Schofield -- Current trends and future prospects for control of Chagas disease / Álvaro Moncayo and Antonio Carlos Silveira -- Geographical distribution of Chagas disease James S. Patterson and Felipe Guhl -- Classification and phylogeny of the triatominae / Maria Dolores Bargues, Chris Schofield and Jean-Pierre Dujardin -- Biology of Triatominae / François Noireau and Jean-Pierre Dujardin -- Population genetics of triatomines / Fernando Monteiro, Paula Marcet and Patricia Dorn -- Geographical distribution of triatominae vectors in America / David Gorla and François Noireau -- Control strategies against triatominae / D.E. Gorla, C. Ponce, J-P. Dujardin and C.J. Schofield -- Domestic and wild mammalian reservoirs / Ana Maria Jansen and André Luiz Rodrigues Roque -- Veterinary aspects and experimental studies / Marc Desquesnes and Marta de Lana -- Classification and phylogeny of Trypanosoma cruzi / Patrick B. Hamilton and Jamie R. Stevens -- Biology of Trypanosoma cruzi and biological diversity / Marta de Lana and Evandro Marques de Menezes Machado -- Biochemistry of Trypanosoma cruzi / Roberto Docampo and Silvia N.J. Moreno -- Ultrastructure of Trypanosoma cruzi and its interaction with host cells / Wanderley de Souza, Tecia Ulisses de Carvalho, Emile Santos Barrias -- Genetics of Trypanosoma cruzi -- Nuclear genome / Daniella C. Bartholomeu, Gregory A. Buck, Santuza M.R. Teixeira, Najib M.A. El- Sayed -- Kinetoplast genome / Jenny Telleria, Michal Svoboda -- Experimental and natural recombination in Trypanosoma cruzi / Michael D. Lewis, Martin S. Llewellyn, Matthew Yeo, Michael A. Miles -- Reticulate evolution in Trypanosoma cruzi: medical and epidemiological implications / Michel Tibayrenc, Christian Barnabé and Jenny Telleria -- Implications of Trypanosoma cruzi intraspecific diversity in the pathogenesis of Chagas Disease / Andrea Macedo and Marcela Segatto -- Vector transmission / Simone Frédérique Brenière, Christine Aznar and Mireille Hontebeyrie -- Maternal-fetal transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi / Yves Carlier and Carine Truyens -- Other forms of transmission / Mireille Hontebeyrie, Simone Frédérique Brenière and Christine Aznar -- Protective host response to parasite and its limitations / Carine Truyens and Yves Carlier -- Pathological consequences of host response to parasite / Mireille Hontebeyrie, Carine Truyens and Simone Frédérique Brenière -- Human genetic susceptibility to Chagas disease / Michel Tibayrenc -- Clinical phases and forms of Chagas' disease / Joffre Marcondes de Rezende, Anis Rassi, Alejandro O. Luquetti and Anis Rassi Junior -- Diagnosis of Trypanosoma cruzi infection / Alejandro O. Luquetti and Gabriel A. Schmuñis -- AIDS and Chagas' disease / Marcelo Corti, María F. Villafañe -- Treatment of Chagas disease / Werner Apt -- Vaccine development for Chagas disease / Angel Marcelo Padilla, Cecilia Perez Brandan, and Miguel Angel Basombrío.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2017