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    Stanley F. Malamed.
    Sedation in dentistry: a historic perspective
    Pain and anxiety in dentistry
    Introduction to sedation
    The spectrum of pain and anxiety control
    Physical and psychological evaluation
    Monitoring during sedation
    Nondrug techniques : iatrosedation and hypnosis
    Oral sedation
    Rectal sedation
    Sublingual, transdermal, and intranasal sedation
    Intramuscular sedation
    Inhalation sedation : historical perspective
    Inhalation sedation : rationale
    Pharmacology, anatomy, and physiology
    Inhalation sedation equipment
    Inhalation sedation : techniques of administration
    Inhalation sedation : complications
    Contemporary issues surrounding nitrous oxide
    Practical considerations
    Teaching inhalation sedation : history and present guidelines
    Intravenous sedation : historical perspective
    Intravenous moderate sedation : rationale
    Anatomy for venipuncture
    Venipuncture technique
    Intravenous moderate sedation : techniques of administration
    Intravenous sedation : complications
    Practical considerations
    Guidelines for teaching
    Fundamentals of general anesthesia
    Armamentarium, drugs, and techniques
    Preparation for emergencies
    Emergency drugs and equipment
    Management of emergencies
    The pediatric patient
    The geriatric patient
    The medically compromised patient
    The physically compromised patient
    Neurologic illnesses and other conditions
    Medicolegal considerations
    The controversial development of anesthesiology in dentistry.
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