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    edited by Jeffrey R. Starke and Peter R. Donald.
    A brief history of childhood tuberculosis / Peter R. Donald
    Microbiology and pathology of tuberculosis / Anne-Marie Demers, Andrew C. Whitelaw, Kathleen D. Eisenach
    Immunology of tuberculosis / Beate Kampmann, Elizabeth Whittaker
    Natural history of childhood tuberculosis / Ben J. Marais
    Global epidemiology of childhood tuberculosis / Charalambos Sismanidis, Philille Glaziou, Malgosia Grzemska, Katherine Floyd, Mario Raviglione
    Diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in children / Anna M. Mandalakas, Andrew DiNardo
    Microbiologic diagnosis of tuberculosis disease in children / Mark P. Nicol, Heather J. Zar
    Radiology of childhood tuberculosis / Savvas Andronikou, Tracy Kilborn
    Diagnosis of intrathoracic tuberculosis / Carlos M. Perez-Velez
    Diagnosis of the most common forms of extrathoracic tuberculosis in children / H. Simon Schaaf, Anthony J. Garcia-Prats
    Central nervous system tuberculosis in children / Ronald van Toorn
    Tuberculosis in adolescents / Andrea T. Cruz
    Tuberculosis in neonates and infants / Adrie Bekker
    Tuberculosis in HIV-infected and exposed infants, children, and adolescents / Helena Rabie, Mark F. Cotton
    Antituberculosis drugs in children / Helen McIlleron
    Treatment of tuberculosis infection in children / Amina Ahmed
    Management of drug-susceptible tuberculosis in children / Soumya Swaminathan, N Poorana Ganga Devi
    Management of drug-resistant tuberculosis in children / James Seddon
    Tuberculosis vaccines : the old and the new / Kim Connelly Smith, Ian M. Orme, Jeffrey R. Starke
    Mycobacterium bovis [non-BCG] in children / Jeffrey R. Starke
    Public health and programmatic issues for childhood tuberculosis / Jeffrey R. Starke
    The roadmap for childhood tuberculosis / Stephen M. Graham, Anne Detjen.
    Digital Access Oxford 2016