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    edited by Martin Samuels, Sue Wieteska.
    Summary: This course book gives guidance on life-threatening emergencies in children. It covers recognition of the seriously ill child, basic life support, treatment of shock, in a structured approach to the seriously injured child.

    Structured approach to emergency paediatrics
    Human factors
    The structured approach to the seriously ill child
    The child with breathing difficulties
    The child in shock
    The child with an abnormal pulse rate or rhythm
    The child with a decreased conscious level
    The convulsing child
    Introduction to the seriously injured child
    The structured approach to the seriously injured child
    The child with chest injury
    The child with abdominal injury
    The child with traumatic brain injury
    The child with injuries to the extremities or the spine
    The burned or scalded child
    The child with an electrical injury or drowning
    Life support
    Basic life support
    Advanced support of the airway and ventilation
    The management of cardiac arrest
    Practical procedures : airway and breathing
    Practical procedures : circulation
    Practical procedures : trauma
    Imaging in trauma
    Structured approach to stabilisation and transfer.
    Digital Access Wiley 2016