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    Tobias Langenhan, Torsten Schöenberg, editors.
    Introduction: history of the adhesion GPCR field / J̲örg Hamann, Alexander G. Petrenko
    Molecular and pharmacological properties of adhesion GPCRs. Classification, nomenclature, and structural aspects of adhesion GPCRs / Arunkumar Krishnan, Saskia Nijmeijer, Chris de Graaf, Helgi B. Schi̲th
    7TM domain structure of adhesion GPCRs / Chris de Graaf, Saskia Nijmeijer, Steffen Wolf, Oliver P. Ernst
    Understanding the structural basis of adhesion GPCR functions / Demet Araç, Norbert Sträter, Elena Seiradake
    Control of adhesion GPCR function through proteolytic processing / Matthias Nieberler, Robert J. Kittel, Alexander G. Petrenko, Hsi-Hsien Lin [and others]
    Tethered agonism: a common activation mechanism of adhesion GPCRs / Ines Liebscher, Torsten Sch̲öneberg
    Versatile signaling activity of adhesion GPCRs / Ayush Kishore, Randy A. Hall
    Adhesion GPCR-related protein networks / Barbara Knapp, Uwe Wolfrum
    The relevance of genomic signatures at adhesion GPCR loci in humans / Peter Kovacs, Torsten Sch̲öneberg
    Adhesion GPCRs as pharmakotargets in organ function and development. Adhesion GPCRs as a putative class of metabotropic mechanosensors / Nicole Scholz, Kelly R. Monk, Robert J. Kittel, Tobias Langenhan
    Adhesion GPCRs govern polarity of epithelia and cell migration / David Strutt, Ralf Schnabel, Franziska Fiedler, Simone Pr̲mel
    Adhesion GPCRs as novel actors in neural and glial cell functions: from synaptogenesis to myelination / Séverine M. Sigoillot, Kelly R. Monk, Xianhua Piao, Fekrije Selimi, Breanne L. Harty
    Control of skeletal muscle cell growth and size through adhesion GPCRs / James P. White
    Adhesion GPCR function in pulmonary development and disease / Marie-Gabrielle Ludwig, Klaus Seuwen, James P. Bridges
    Adhesion GPCRs as modulators of immune cell function / J̲örg Hamann, Cheng-Chih Hsiao, Chang Sup Lee, Kodi S. Ravichandran, Hsi-Hsien Lin
    Heart development, angiogenesis, and blood-brain barrier function is modulated by adhesion GPCRs / Gentian Musa, Felix B. Engel, Colin Niaudet
    Adhesion GPCRs in tumorigenesis / Gabriela Aust, Dan Zhu, Erwin G. Van Meir, Lei Xu.
    Digital Access Springer 2016