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    Carsten Nieder, Johannes Langendijk, editors.
    Normal tissue tolerance to reirradiation
    Fractionation concepts
    Hyperthermia and reirradiation
    Therapeutic ratio of reirradiation with cytotoxic drugs and other response-modifying agents
    Reduced normal tissue doses through advanced technology
    Proton beam reirradiation
    Brain tumours
    Eye tumors
    Re-irradiation in head and neck cancer
    Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
    Lung cancer
    Re-irradiation for esophageal cancer
    Re-irradiation for locally recurrent breast cancer
    Prostate cancer
    Rectal cancer
    Gynecological malignancies
    Reirradiation for soft tissue sarcomas
    Re-irridation for recurrent skin cancer
    Leukemia and lymphoma
    Bone metastases
    Brain metastases
    Digital Access Springer 2017