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    edited by H. William Detrich III, Monte Westerfield, Leonard I. Zon.
    Embryonic Cell Culture in Zebrafish / C.A. Ciarlo, L.I. Zon -- Cellular Dissection of Zebrafish Hematopoiesis / D.L. Stachura, D. Traver -- Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy in Zebrafish / D.C. LeBert, J.M. Squirell, A. Huttenlocher, K.W. Eliceiri -- Imaging Blood Vessels and Lymphatic Vessels in the Zebrafish / H.M. Jung, S. Isogai, M. Kamei, D. Castranova, A.V. Gore, B.M. Weinstein -- An Eye on Light-sheet Microscopy / D. Kromm, T. Thumberger, J. Wittbrodt -- Single Neuron Morphology In Vivo with Confined Primed Conversion / M.A. Mohr, P. Pantazis -- Visualizing Retinoic Acid Morphogen Gradients / T.F. Schilling, J. Sosnik, Q. Nie -- Using Fluorescent Lipids in Live Zebrafish Larvae: from Imaging Whole Animal Physiology to Subcellular Lipid Trafficking / J.L. Anderson, J.D. Carten, S.A. Farber -- Analysis of Cilia Structure and Function in Zebrafish / E. Leventea, K. Hazime, C. Zhao, J. Malicki -- Functional Calcium Imaging in Zebrafish Lateral-line Hair Cells / Q.X. Zhang, X.J. He, H.C. Wong, K.S. Kindt -- Physiological Recordings from the Zebrafish Lateral Line / J. Olt, A.J. Ordoobadi, W. Marcotti, J.G. Trapani.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2016