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    editors, Kevin J. Knoop, Lawrence B. Stack, Alan B. Storrow, R. Jason Thurman.
    Digital : AccessEmergency Medicine2016
    Digital : AccessMedicine2016
    Head and facial trauma / David W. Munter -- Ophthalmic conditions / Frank Birinyi, Thomas F. Mauger, and Andrew Hendershot -- Funduscopic findings / David Effron, Beverly C. Forcier, and Richard E. Wyszynski -- Ophthalmic conditions / Christopher S. Weaver and Kevin J. Knoop -- Ear, nose, and throat conditions / Edward C. Jauch, David R. White, and Kevin J. Knoop -- Oral conditions / Edward C. Jauch and James W. Howell -- Chest and abdomen / Stephen W. Corbett, Lawrence B. Stack, and Kevin J. Knoop -- Urologic conditions / Jeffery D. Bondesson -- Sexually transmitted infections and anorectal conditions / Suzanne Dooley-Hash and Brian R. Sharp -- Gynecologic and obstetric conditions / Suzanne Dooley-Hash, Sean A. Lisse, and Kevin J. Knoop -- Extremity trauma / Neha P. Raukar, George J. Raukar, and Daniel L. Savitt -- Extremity conditions / Robert J. Tubbs, Daniel L. Savitt, and Selim Suner -- Cutaneous conditions / J. Matthew Hardin -- Pediatric conditions / Brad Sobolewski, Matthew R. Mittiga, Javier A. Gonzalez del Rey.