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  • Book
    edited by Manabu Muto, Kenshi Yao, Yasushi Sano.
    Part I Basics of NBI
    Chapter 1 Principles and history of NBI
    Chapter 2 Tips for obtaining optimum viewing conditions using NBI
    Part II Atlas of NBI: Pharynx to esophagus
    Chapter 3 Overview
    Chapter 4 Atlas of Normal appearance
    Chapter 5 Atlas of Non-neoplastic lesions
    Chapter 6 Atlas of Neoplastic lesions
    Part III Atlas of NBI: Stomach and duodenum
    Chapter 7 Diagnostic system
    Chapter 8 Atlas of normal appearance
    Chapter 9 Atlas of non-neoplastic lesions in the stomach
    Chapter 10 Atlas of Neoplastic lesions in the stomach
    Chapter 11 Atlas of n on-neoplastic lesions in the duodenum
    Chapter 12 Atlas of neoplastic lesions in the duodenum
    Part IV Atlas of NBI: Colon to rectum
    Chapter 13 Overview
    Chapter 14 Atlas of normal appearance
    Chapter 15 Atlas of non-neoplastic lesions
    Chapter 16 Atlas of neoplastic.
    Digital Access Springer 2015