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    O. Topaz, editor.
    Laser physics and laser sources for cardiovascular applications
    Optic fibers and mechanical properties of laser catheters
    Landmarks along the introduction of laser to cardiovascular therapy
    Laser-thrombus interaction: from basic research to clinical utilization in the management of cardiovascular diseases
    Laser for treatment of acute coronary syndromes
    Laser for management of ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction
    Laser for revascularization of complex targets: old SVGs, CTO, left main disease, stent restenosis
    Laser utilization for synergistic technology strategy for coronary revascularization: laser and directional rotablation; laser combined with drug eluting balloon
    Laser for revascularization of peripheral arterial disease- SFA, renal, subclavian, carotid arteries
    Laser for infra-popliteal revasculariztion
    TMR- physiology, pathology and basic research concepts
    TMR-endovascular and surgical techniques and clinical outcomes
    Laser application for venous thrombosis
    Laser for IVC filter removal
    Laser for interventional electrophysiology ? extraction and removal of pacemaker and AICD leads
    Laser for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
    Laser application for treatment of congenital heart disease
    Nursing perspectives of cardiovascular laser procedures
    Laser safety in the cardiovascular suite and the operation room
    Laser induced cardiovascular complications : mechanisms, recognition and management
    Laser in cardiovascular veterinary medicine.
    Digital Access Springer 2015