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    Maria Giulia Marini.
    Evidence-based medicine and narrative medicine: a harmonic couple
    Bridging from mythology to contemporary care: the art of listening
    Bridging from oral tradition to writing: the art of empathy
    The Tower of Babel: the language of physicians, patients, and providers of care
    Patient's narrative as a probe for successful coping
    The muted desire for well-being and the abuse of the word "normality" in medicine
    Bridging the gap between personalization of care and research
    The place of illness-centred movies in medical humanities
    Designing health care based on patient's needs and rights
    Building a bridge between economic investment and medical humanities: the fears to overcome
    A selection of narratives
    Glossary: a tool to bridge the gap between medical humanities, medical science, health-care organization, and health-care economics.
    Digital Access Springer 2016