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    edited by Alessio Mengoni, Marco Galardini, Marco Fondi.
    Pulsed field gel electrophoresis and genome size estimates/ Rosa Alduina and Annalisa Pisciotta
    Comparative analyses of extrachromosomal bacterial replicons, identification of chromids, and experimental evaluation of their indispensability / Lukasz Dziewit and Dariusz Bartosik
    Choice of next-generation sequencing pipelines / F. Del Chierico ... [et al.]
    Pyrosequencing protocol for bacterial genomes / Ermanno Rizzi
    Bacterial metabarcoding by 16S rRNA gene ion torrent amplicon sequencing / Elio Fantini ... [et al.]
    Illumina-solexa sequencing protocol for bacterial genomes / Zhenfei Hu, Lei Cheng, and Hai Wang
    High-throughput phenomics / Carlo Viti ... [et al.]
    Comparative analysis of gene expression : uncovering expression conservation and divergence between Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium strains LT2 and 14028S / Paolo Sonego ... [et al.]
    Raw sequence data and quality control / Giovanni Bacci
    Methods for assembling reads and producing contigs / Valerio Orlandini, Marco Fondi, and Renato Fani
    Mapping contigs using CONTIGuator / Marco Galardini, Alessio Mengoni, and Marco Bazzicalupo
    Gene calling and bacterial genome annotation with BG7 / Raquel Tobes ... [et al.]
    Defining orthologs and pangenome size metrics / Emanuele Bosi, Renato Fani, and Marco Fondi
    Robust identification of orthologues and paralogues for microbial pan-genomics using GET HOMOLOGUES : a case study of pIncA/C plasmids / Pablo Vinuesa and Bruno Contreras-Moreira
    Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction / Marco Fondi and Pietro Liò
    From pangenome to panphenome and back / Marco Galardini, Alessio Mengoni, and Stefano Mocali
    Genome-wide detection of selection and other evolutionary forces / Zhuofei Xu and Rui Zhou
    Integrated microbial genome resource of analysis / Alice Checcucci and Alessio Mengoni.
    Digital Access Springer 2015