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    [edited by] Jamie Ullman, P.B. Raksin ; medical illustrator, Jennifer Pryll.
    Surgery for epidural and subdural hematomas / Shelly D. Timmons
    Chronic subdural hematomas / Branko Skorvlj, Jonathan Rasouli, A. Stewart Levy, P.B. Raksin, and Jamie S. Ullman
    Surgery for cerebral contusions of the frontal and temporal lobes, including lobar resections / Pal S. Randhawa and Craig Rabb
    Decompressive craniectomy for intracranial hypertension and stroke, including bone flap storage in abdominal fat layer / Roberto Rey-Dios and Domenic P. Esposito
    Surgery for cerebellar stroke and suboccipital trauma / Faiz U. Ahmad and Ross Bullock
    Elevation of depressed skull fractures / Anand Veeravagu, Bowen Jiang, and Odette A. Harris
    Invasive neuromonitoring techniques / Mathieu Laroche, Michael C. Huang, and Geoffrey T. Manley
    Surgical debridement of penetrating injuries / Roland A. Torres and P.B. Raksin
    Management of traumatic neurovascular injuries / Boyd F. Richards and Mark R. Harrigan
    Management of venous sinus injuries / Laurence Davidson and Rocco A. Armonda
    Application of closed spinal traction / Nirit Weiss
    Emergency management of odontoid fractures / Sanjay Yadla, Benjamin M. Zussman, and James S. Harrop
    Cervical burst fractures / Teresa S. Purzner, Games G. Purzner, and Michael G. Fehlings
    Cervical facet dislocation / Daniel Resnick and Casey Madura
    Classification and treatment of thoracic fractures / Joseph Hsieh, Doniel Drazin, Michael Turner, Ali Shirzadi, Kee Kim, and J. Patrick Johnson
    Thoracolumbar fractures / Michael Y. Wang and Brian Hood
    Spinal epidural compression / Asha Iyer and Arthur Jenkins
    Treatment of acute cauda equina syndrome / Harel Deutsch
    Removal of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages / Justin Mascitelli, Yakov Gologorsky, and Joshua Bederson
    Surgery for acute intracranial infection / P.B. Raksin
    Ventricular shunt malfunction / Sergey Abeshaus, Samuel R. Browd, and Richard G. Ellenbogen
    Pituitary apoplexy / Kalmon D. Post and Soriaya Motivala
    Combat cranial operations / Leon E. Moores
    Combat-associated penetrating spine injury / Corey M. Mossop, Christopher J. Neal, Michael K. Rosner, and Paul Klimo Jr
    Replacement of cranial bone flap / Jamie S. Ullman
    Techniques of alloplastic cranioplasty / Erin N. Kiehna and John A. Jane Jr
    Surgery for frontal sinus injuries / Abilash Haridas and Peter J. Taub
    Special considerations in the surgical management of pediatric traumatic brain injury / Anthony Figaji and P. David Adelson
    Special considerations in pediatric cervical spine injury / Paul Klimo Jr., Nelson Astur Neto, William C. Warner Jr., and Michael S. Muhlbauer.
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