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    Abhishek Agrawal, Gavin Britz, editors.
    Summary: This comprehensive guide answers commonly asked questions about neurosurgical conditions related to brain and spinal cord. Emergency Approaches to Neurosurgical Conditions fills the gap which arises after a diagnosis is made on the loved one, explaining the basics of neurosurgical diseases and their management. Emergency Approaches to Neurosurgical Conditions concentrates on the brain and spine, both in surgery and radiotherapy, as well as congenital and accident-related conditions. This comprehensive book which is part of a book-set including Comprehensive Guide to Neurosurgical Conditions, informs the reader on various symptoms to look for, and helps with the management of brain and spine surgery in chapters written by reputed neurosurgeons to help the physicians, the patients and their families.

    1. Non Malignant Brain Tumors
    2. Malignant Brain Tumors
    3. Pituitary Tumors
    4. Pediatric Brain Tumors
    5. Congenital Neurosurgical Problems.- 6. Hydrocephalus
    7. Chiari Syndrome
    8. Brain Aneurysms
    9. Brain Arteriovenous Malformations
    10. Moya Moya Disease
    11. Medical Management of a Stroke
    12. Neuro-Interventional Management of a Stroke
    13. Symptoms and Signs to Look for After a Spinal Cord surgery
    14. Evaltuation of Spinal Alignment
    15. Herniated Discs of the Spine
    16. Spinal Fusions
    17. Spinal Tumors
    18. Epilepsy.
    Digital Access Springer 2015