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    Mohamed A. Baky Fahmy.
    Summary: Patients with rare diseases, affecting less than 1 in 2000 persons, frequently experience delays or errors in diagnosis, sometimes with tragic consequences. Even after the diagnosis has been established, the quality of health care delivered is often poor. This book, which is both textbook and atlas, covers the full range of rare congenital genitourinary anomalies encountered in males and females, many of which have previously been described only in sporadic case reports. In the case of the more established anomalies, variants are presented. For each anomaly, information is provided on incidence, similar cases, clinical presentation, diagnosis, possible management and outcome. Informative supporting illustrations are presented for each anomaly, and the book will serve as an excellent reference for all pediatricians, urologists and surgeons who are responsible for the care of such patients.

    Penile Agenesis
    Penile Duplication, Diphallia
    Microphallus, Micropenis
    Penile Torsion, Lateral Penile Curvature, Penile Deviation
    Penoscrotal Transposition
    Webbed Penis
    Buried Penis, Hidden Penis
    Agenesis Of The Scrotum, Congenital Absence Of The Scrotum
    Ectopic Scrotum
    Accessory Scrotum, Accessory Perineal Scrotum, Splenogonadal Fusion
    Anterior Urethral Valve
    Urethral Duplication
    FEMALE ANOMALIES: Labial Adhesion
    Ectopic Labium, Ectopic Labium Majus
    Clitoral Duplication
    Uterovaginal Duplication
    Interlabial Masses
    Urethral Prolapse, Prolapsed Ectopic Ureterocele
    Sarcoma Botryoides
    Periurethral Cyst
    Persistent Urogenital Sinus
    Persistent Cloaca.
    Digital Access Springer 2015