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    Enzo Silvestri, Alessandro Muda, Davide Orlandi ; foreword by Nicola Maffulli.
    Summary: The book provides a comprehensive description of the basic ultrasound principles, normal anatomy of the lower limb muscles and classification of muscle strain injures. Ultrasound images are coupled with anatomical schemes explaining probe positioning and scanning technique for the various muscles of the thigh and leg. For each muscle, a brief explanation of normal anatomy is also provided, together with a list of tricks and tips and advice on how to perform the ultrasound scan in clinical practice. This book is an excellent practical teaching guide for beginners and a useful reference for more experienced sonographers.

    PART 1 Basic Principles Of Muscles Ultrasound
    US basic principles
    Doppler Technologies and Sonoelastography
    Normal anatomy and biomechanics
    Ultrasound basic anatomy
    Muscles dynamic US analysis
    Muscle Injuries: pathophysiology and new classification models
    PART 2 Thigh Muscles
    Sartorius & Tensor fascia latae
    Adductors, Gracilis and Pectineus
    Gluteal & Piriform
    PART 3 Leg Muscles
    Triceps Surae
    Flexor muscles
    Extensor muscles
    PART 4 Sectional Anatomical Tables
    Thigh compartments
    Leg compartments. .
    Digital Access Springer 2015