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    editor, Denise Anne Moneret-Vautrin.
    Advances in anaphylaxis management / Denise Anne Moneret-Vautrin
    Anaphylaxis : classification and clinical symptoms / Johannes Ring, Jarmila Liptak & Knut Brockow
    Pathophysiology : IgE-mediated and non-IgE-mediated anaphylaxis / Denise Anne Moneret-Vautrin
    Risk factors for fatal anaphylaxis / Richard Pumphrey & Gunter Sturm
    Etiologies of anaphylaxis / Margitta Worm
    Biomarkers for the evaluation of severity of anaphylaxis / Julia Upton & Peter Vadas
    Role of specific IgE testing in allergy diagnosis / Sandrine Jacquenet, Denise-Anne Moneret-Vautrin & Bernard E. Bihain
    Treatment algorithm for anaphylaxis and prognosis / Ben Gibbison & Jasmeet Soar
    Food anaphylaxis prevention / Martine Morisset
    Hymenoptera anaphylaxis : indications and results of immunotherapy / Ulrich R. Müller & Arthur Helbling
    Digital Access Future Med 2014