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    volume editors, O. Hiort, S.F. Ahmed.
    Gonadal development / Lucas-Herald, A.K., Bashamboo, A.
    The masculinization programming window / Welsh, M., Suzuki, H., Yamada, G.
    Androgen action / Werner, R., Holterhus, P.-M.
    Steroid biochemistry / Kamrath, C., Wudy, S.A., Krone, N.
    Next generation sequencing for disorders of sex development / Tobias, E.S., McElreavey, K.
    Advances in neuroimaging / Rodie, M.E., Forbes, K.P., Muir, K.
    Imaging, endoscopy and diagnostic surgery / Wünsch, L., Buchholz, M.
    Fertility issues in the management of patients with disorders of sex development / Guercio, G., Rey, R.A.
    Disorders of sex development peer support / Baratz, A.B., Sharp, M.K., Sandberg, D.E.
    Improving the communication of healthcare professionals with affected children and adolescents / Nordenström, A., Thyen, U.
    Working with adolescents and young adults to support transition / Gleeson, H., Wisniewski, A.B.
    Past experiences of adults with disorders of sex development / GrApSIA, Audí, L.
    Sex hormone replacement in disorders of sex development / Birnbaum, W., Bertelloni, S.
    Hydrocortisone replacement in disorders of sex development / Blankenstein, O.
    Advances in molecular markers of germ cell cancer in patients with disorders of sex development / van der Zwan, Y.H., Cools, M., Looijenga, L.H.J.
    Managing the risk of germ cell tumourigenesis in disorders of sex development patients / Cools, M., Looijenga, L.H.J., Wolffenbuttel, K.P., T'Sjoen, G.
    Timing of hypospadias repair in patients with disorders of sex development / Springer, A., Baskin, L.S.
    Timing of surgery for feminizing genitoplasty in patients suffering from congenital adrenal hyperplasia / Eckoldt-Wolke, F.
    Timing of feminising surgery in disorder of sex development / Wolffenbuttel, K.P., Crouch, N.S.
    Phalloplasty : a panacea for 46,XY disorder of sex development conditions with penile deficiency? / Callens, N.; Hoebeke, P.
    Rare diseases research and practice / Polizzi, A., Balsamo, A., Bal, M.O., Taruscio, D.
    Achieving diagnostic certainty in resource-limited settings / Mazen, I., Raza, J.
    Global application of disorders of sex development-related electronic resources : e-learning, e-consultation and e-information sharing / Muscarella, M., Kranenburg-van Koppen, L., Grijpink-van den Biggelaar, K., Drop, S.L.S.
    International networks for supporting research and clinical care in the field of disorders of sex development / Ahmed, S.F., Bryce, J., Hiort, O.
    Digital Access Karger 2014