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    Hasan Yazici, Yusuf Yazici, Emmanuel Lesaffre, editors.
    Summary: It is imperative that health professionals caring for patients with rheumatic diseases understand how to correctly interpret evidence in their field, taking into account the merits and shortcomings of available data. Understanding Evidence-Based Rheumatology offers a practical assessment of criteria, drugs, trials, and registries and provides useful tools for successfully interpreting this data. The book introduces readers to basic analysis of trial design, statistics, and application of data through no-nonsense, easy-to-follow insights. Using numerous examples, chapters outline the difficulties physicians encounter when measuring disease activity in rheumatology, and offer strategies for systematically approaching these situations. Ethical issues in study design and reporting are examined, and the book closes with a summary of future directions for scientific and clinical studies in rheumatology. Understanding Evidence-Based Rheumatology is an invaluable resource for trainees, experienced clinicians, and scientists, preparing them with the necessary tools to correctly gather evidence and shed light on the difficult practice of rheumatology.

    Evidence-Based Medicine in Rheumatology: How Does It Differ from Other Diseases? / Theodore Pincus MD, Hasan Yazici MD
    A Review of Statistical Approaches for the Analysis of Data in Rheumatology / Emmanuel Lesaffre Dr. Sc., Jolanda Luime PhD
    Disease Classification/Diagnosis Criteria / Hasan Yazici MD, Yusuf Yazici MD
    Biomarkers, Genetic Association, and Genomic Studies / Mehmet Tevfik Dorak MD, PhD, Yusuf Yazici MD
    Outcome Measures in Rheumatoid Arthritis / Yusuf Yazici MD, Hilal Maradit Kremers MD
    Issues in Setting Up a Study and Data Collection / Hilal Maradit Kremers MD, Banu Çakir MD, MPH, PhD
    The Randomized Controlled Trial: Methodological Perspectives / Emmanuel Lesaffre Dr. Sc.
    Limitations of Traditional Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials in Rheumatology / Theodore Pincus MD
    Methodological Issues Relevant to Observational Studies, Registries, and Administrative Health Databases in Rheumatology / Marie Hudson MD, MPH, Samy Suissa PhD
    Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses in Rheumatology / Theo Stijnen MSc, PhD, Gulen Hatemi MD
    Ethical Issues in Study Design and Reporting / Hasan Yazici MD, Emmanuel Lesaffre Dr, Sc, Yusuf Yazici MD
    Future Directions / Hasan Yazici MD, Yusuf Yazici MD, Emmanuel Lesaffre Dr, Sc.
    Digital Access Springer 2014