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    edited Martin G. Pomper, Paul B. Fisher.
    Ch. 1. Quantitative radiology: applications to oncology
    Ch. 2. The intricate role of CXCR4 in cancer
    Ch. 3. Recent advances in nanoparticle-based nuclear imaging of cancers
    Ch. 4. Molecular-genetic imaging of cancer
    Ch. 5. Real-time fluorescence image-guided oncologic surgery
    Ch. 6. Cerenkov Imaging
    Ch. 7. Molecular imaging of the tumor microenvironment for precision medicine and theranostics
    Ch. 8. Tracking cellular and immune therapies in cancer
    Ch. 9. Developing MR probes for molecular imaging
    Ch. 10. Clinical translation of molecular imaging agents used in PET studies in cancer
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2014