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    Leonard E. Swischuk, Siddharth P. Jadhav.
    Summary: This book is a practical guide to the radiologic evaluation of acute musculoskeletal injuries of the upper and lower extremities in children. It covers the detection of more subtle and frequently missed fractures and injuries such as buckle fractures, Salter Harris I and II fractures, and epiphyseal and metaphyseal fractures. It also emphasizes the assessment of soft tissues and periarticular fat pads, which can lead to discovery of the sites of bony injuries. Other pathologies that affect the musculoskeletal system, such as infections and tumors, are also discussed. It includes over 600 magnetic resonance, computed tomography, ultrasound, and radiographic images organized by anatomic region.

    General Considerations
    Infection/Inflammation and Infarction
    Tumors, Cysts and Tumor Mimickers
    Types of Fractures in Children
    Shoulder and Upper Arm Injuries of the Shoulder and Upper Humerus
    Elbow and Forearm
    Wrist and Hand
    Pelvis and Sacrum
    Hip and Femur/Femoral Shaft
    Knee and Leg
    Ankle and Foot
    Battered Child Syndrome/Non-Accidental Trauma.
    Digital Access Springer 2014