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    [edited by] Scott J. Gilbert, Daniel E. Weiner ; associate editors, Debbie S. Gipson, Mark A. Perazella, Marcello Tonelli.
    Overview of kidney function and structure -- Kidney development -- Assessment of glomerular filtration rate in acute and chronic settings -- Urinalysis and urine microscopy -- Hematuria and proteinuria -- Kidney imaging -- Hyponatremia and hypoosmolar disorders -- Hypernatremia -- Edema and the clinical use of diuretics -- Disorders of potassium metabolism -- Disorders of mineral matabolism: calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium -- Approach to acid-base disorders -- Metabolic acidosis -- Metabolis alkalosis -- Respiratory acidosis and alkalosis -- Glomerular clinicopathologic syndromes -- Minimal change disease -- Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis -- Membranous nephropathy -- Immunoglobulin A nephropathy and related disorders -- Goodpasture syndrome and other antiglomerular basement membrane diseases -- Postinfectious glomerulonephritis -- Kidney involvement in systemic vasculitis -- Kidney manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus -- Pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and treatment of diabetic nephropathy -- Dysproteinemias and amyloidosis -- Thrombotic microangiopathies -- Viral nephropathies: human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C virus and hepatitis B virus -- Acute cardiorenal syndrome -- Hepatorenal syndrome and other liver-related kidney deseases -- Kidney incancers -- Pathophysiology of acute kidney injury -- Clinical approach to the diagnosis of acute kidney injury -- Acute tubular injury and tubular necrosis -- Acute interstitial nephritis -- Management of acute kidney injury -- Kidney disease causes by therapeutic agents -- Principles of drug therapy in patients with reduced kidney function -- Genetically based renal transport disorders -- Sickle cell nephropathy -- Polycystic and other cystic kidney diseases -- Nephronophthisis and medullary cystic kidney disease -- Alport syndrome and related disorders -- Fabry diseases -- Chronic tubulointerstitial disease -- Obstructive uropathy -- Nephrolithiasis -- Urinary tract infection and pylenonephritis -- Kidney in infants and children -- Kidney in pregnancy -- Kidney disease in the elderly -- Pathophysiology of chronic kidney diseases -- Staging and management of chronic kidney disease -- Nutrition and kidney diseases -- Bone disorders in chronic kidney disease -- Cardiac function and cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease -- Anemia and other hematologic complications of chronic kidney disease -- Hemodialysis -- Peritoneal dialysis -- Outcomes of kidney replacement therapies -- Selection of prospective kidney transplant recipients and donors -- Posttransplantation monitoring and oucomes -- Immunosuppression in transplantation -- Infectious complications of kidney transplantation -- Pathogenesis of hypertension -- Evaluation and management of hypertension -- Secondary hypertension.
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