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    edited by Bonnie S. LeRoy, Patricia McCarthy Veach, Dianne M. Bartels.
    Complicated shadows : a critique of autonomy in genetic counseling / Robert G. Resta
    Actively engaging with patients in decision making / Andrea Zanko and Michelle Fox
    Risk communication : a complex process / Shannan DeLany Dixon and Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein
    Grieving : an inevitable journey / Elizabeth Gettig
    Facing patient anger / Bonnie Jeanne Baty
    Resistance and adherence : understanding the patient's perspective / Jon Weil
    Countertransference : making the unconscious conscious / Jon Weil
    Honoring diversity : cultural competence in genetic counseling / Linwood J. Lewis
    Genetic counseling strategies for working with families / Deborah L. Eunpu
    Developmentally based approaches for counseling children and adolescents / Stephanie Austin
    Genetic counseling for women with intellectual disabilities / Brenda Finucane
    Genetic counselors : caring mindfully / June A. Peters
    Professional development : reflective genetic counseling practice / Kimberly W. Zahm
    Mobilizing genetic counselor leadership skills / Nancy P. Callanan.
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