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    Jeanine W. Turner.
    Summary: "We all manage our social presence, which is how we interact with others mediated by technology--our phones, a Zoom conference, a webinar, or online teaching, for example--and we all engage in multicommunicating, which means, for example, listening to a presenter in a meeting while texting or chatting on the side. We can be much more effective at work and at home with family (or at home with work and family) if we are aware of the most effective means of allocating our social presence--budgeting our time and attention in every interaction. This book explains four types of social presence and explains when and where to employ each one. The four types are budgeted, entitled, competitive, and invitational. The book is arranged in four parts according to those four types of social presence. Within each part are two chapters pertaining to using that type of presence at work and at home, respectively. The conclusion helps readers choose the right type of social presence for any setting"-- Provided by publisher.

    Introduction: What does social presence mean, and why should you care about it?
    Paying some attention, screens on : budgeted presence
    Budgeted presence in the workplace
    Budgeted presence outside the workplace
    "Turn off your phone and listen to me" : entitled presence
    Entitled presence in the workplace
    Entitled presence outside the workplace
    Selling your agenda while screens are on : competitive presence
    Competitive presence in the workplace
    Competitive presence outside the workplace
    Sleep mode : invitational presence
    Invitational presence in the workplace
    Invitational presence outside the workplace
    Conclusion: Implementing these strategies in any setting.
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