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  • editor, Ramaswamy Govindan ; assistant editors, Maria Q. Baggstrom, Thomas H. Fong, Janakiraman Subramanian.
    Digital : Ovid2012
  • edited by Syed A. Abutalib, MD, Assistant Director, Hematology and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, Midwestern Regional Medical Center, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Zion, IL, USA, USA, Maurie Markman, MD, Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs, National Director of Medical Oncology, Center, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Digital : Wiley2014
    Section 1 Malignant hematology and hematopoietic cell transplantation -- Part 1 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adults -- Part 2 Acute myeloid leukemia in adults -- Part 3 Myelodysplastic syndromes and related disorders -- Part 4 Myeloproliferative neoplasms -- Part 5 Chronic lymphocytic and other leukemias -- Part 6 Hodgkin Lymphoma -- Part 7 Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas -- Part 8 Plasma cell neoplasms and related disorders -- Part 9 Special issues in hematology -- Part 10 Special issues in hematopoietic cell transplantation -- Section 2 Oncology -- Part 1 Central nervous system tumors -- Part 2 Head and neck cancers and thoracic malignancies -- Part 3 Breast cancer -- Part 4 Gastrointestinal oncology -- Part 5 Genitourinary oncology -- Part 6 Skin malignancies -- Part 7 Gynecological malignancies -- Part 8 Sarcomas -- Part 9 Multidisciplinary approach: consultation with surgical oncology team -- Part 10 Multidisciplinary approach: consultation with radiation oncology team -- Part 11 Hereditary cancer syndromes and genetic testing in oncology -- Part 12 Special issues in hematology and oncology.
  • Gautham P. Reddy, Robert M. Steiner, Christopher M. Walker.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • [edited by] Glenn N. Levine.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • [edited by] Glenn N. Levine.
    Digital : ScienceDirect2014
    Get quick answers to the most important clinical questions with Cardiology Secrets! Using the popular and trusted Secret Series Q&A format, this easy-to-read cardiology book provides rapid access to the practical, "in-the-trenches" know-how you need to succeed both in practice, and on cardiology board and recertification exams. Get the evidence-based guidance you need to provide optimal care for your patients with cardiac heart diseases.Explore effective solutions to a full range of clinical issues including the general examination, diagnostic procedures, arrhythmias, symptoms and disease states, valvular heart disease, cardiovascular pharmacology, and other medical conditions with associated cardiac involvement.Zero in on key information with bulleted lists, mnemonics, practical tips from the leading cardiologists, and "Key Points" boxes that provide a concise overview of important board-relevant content.Review essential material efficiently with the "Top 100 Secrets in Cardiology" - perfect for last-minute study or self-assessment.
  • [edited by] Glenn N. Levine.
    Digital : ScienceDirect2018
    Digital : ClinicalKey2018
    Cardiovascular physical examination -- Heart murmurs and sounds -- Electrocardiography -- Chest x-ray -- Exercise stress testing -- Ambulatory electrocardiogram monitoring -- Echocardiography -- Nuclear cardiology -- Cardiac positron emission tomography -- Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging -- Cardiac computed tomography -- Swan-Ganz catheters and cardiac hemodynamics -- Coronary angiography and intracoronary imaging and physiologic assessment -- Chest pains and angina -- Chronic stable angina -- Non--ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome -- ST-elevation myocardial infarction -- Cardiogenic shock -- Percutaneous coronary intervention -- Coronary artery bypass surgery -- Myocarditis -- Dilated cardiomyopathy -- Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction -- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy -- Restrictive cardiomyopathy -- Acute decompensated heart failure -- Heart failure : long-term management -- Heart transplantation -- Aortic stenosis -- Aortic regurgitation -- Mitral regurgitation -- Mitral stenosis -- Transcatheter aortic valve replacement -- Endocarditis and endocarditis prophylaxis -- Atrial fibrillation -- Supraventricular tachycardia -- Ventricular arrhythmias -- Cardiac pacing for bradycardia, heart block, and heart failure -- Implantable cardiac defibrillator -- Cardiac arrest and resuscitation -- Hypertension -- Hyperlipidemia -- Diabetes and cardiovascular disease -- Smoking cessation -- Physical activity, exercise, and the heart -- Cardiac manifestations of HIV/AIDS -- Cardiovascular complications of rheumatic diseases -- Cardio-oncology -- Cocaine and the heart -- Heart disease in the elderly -- Heart disease in pregnancy -- Heart disease in women -- Sleep apnea and the heart -- Peripheral arterial disease -- Aortic aneurysm -- Aortic dissection -- Carotid artery disease -- Ischemic stroke -- Hemorrhagic stroke and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis -- Deep vein thrombosis : prophylaxis and treatment -- Pulmonary embolism -- Hypercoagulable states -- Adult congenital heart disease -- Cardiac tumors -- Hypertensive crisis -- Oral anticoagulation therapy -- Pericarditis, pericardial constriction, and pericardial tamponade -- Preoperative cardiac evaluation -- Pulmonary hypertension -- Syncope -- Traumatic heart disease.
  • American College of Cardiology.
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    "CardioSource Plus is a facility-wide subscription to CardioSource, the premier cardiovascular online portal providing immediate and convenient access to cutting-edge cardiovascular information PLUS unlimited access to ACC's full complement of online educational programs"--Website. CardioSource Plus includes a clinical trials database, clinical images, self-assessment materials, ACC clinical guidelines and Heart Sounds audio files. Users must register for some content and several premium services require an additional fee. To access CardioSource Plus products after login use the search box or navigate to Education and Meetings, then Products and Resources.
  • Peter G. Danias ; foreword by Warren J. Manning.
    Digital : Springer2008
  • David E. Mohrman, Lois Jane Heller.
    Digital : AccessMedicine2010
  • David E. Mohrman, PhD, Lois Jane Heller, PhD.
    Digital : AccessMedicine2014
    Overview of the cardiovascular system -- Characteristics of cardiac muscle cells -- The heart pump -- Measurements of cardiac function -- Cardiac abnormalities -- The peripheral vascular system -- Vascular control -- Hemodynamic interactions -- Regulation of arterial pressure -- Cardiovascular responses to physiological stresses -- Cardiovascular function in pathological situations -- Answers to study questions.
  • Eugene C. Toy, Manuel Suarez, Terrence H. Liu.
    "Experience with clinical cases is key to mastering the art and science of medicine and ultimately to providing patients with compotent clinical care. [This book] provides 42 true-to-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in critical care. Each case includes an easy-to-understand discussion correlated to key concepts, definitions of key terms, clinical pearls, and board-style review questions to reinforce your learning."
  • Eugene C. Toy, Barry C. Simon, Katrin Y. Takenaka, Terrence H. Liu, Adam J. Rosh.
    Digital : AccessEmergency Medicine2017
    Cases 1-6. Resuscitation -- cases 7-12. Cardiovascular -- cases 13-15. Pulmonary -- cases 16-20. Gastrointestinal -- cases 17-24. Renal/genitourinary -- cases 25-31. Neuro -- cases 32-34. Pediatrics -- cases 35-38. Obstetrics/gynecology -- cases 38-42. Infectious -- cases 43-45. Trauma -- cases 46-47. Wounds -- cases 48-49. Head, eyes, ears, neck, throat -- cases 50-51. Hematological -- cases 52-55. Environmental -- cases 56-59. Toxicology/substance abuse.
  • Eugene C. Toy, Ericka Simpson, Milvia Pleitez, David Rosenfield, Ron Tintner
  • [edited by] Eugene C. Toy, Benton Baker III, Patti Jayne Ross, John C. Jennings.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • Eugene C. Toy, MD, Assistant Dean for Educational Programs, Director of Doctoring Cources Program, Director of the Scholarly Concentrations in Women's Health, Professor and Vice Chair of MEdical Education, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, McGovern Medical School at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (TI-Health), Houston, Texas, Terrence H. Liu, MD, MPH, Professor of Clinical Surgery, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, San Francisco, California, Program Director, University of California, San Francisco East Bay Surgery Residency, San Francisco, Calfornia, Attending Surgeon, Alameda County Medical Center, Oakland, California, Andre R. Campbell, MD, FACS, FACP, FCCM, Professor of Surgery and Director, Third Year Clerkship, University of California San Francisco, School of Medicine, Medical Sirector Surgical Intensive, Care Unit and Attending Surgeon, San Francisco General Hostpital, Director Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, UCSF School of Medicine, San Francisco, California, Barnard J.A. Palmer, MD, MEd, Assistant Clincial Professor and Associate, Residency Program Director, Deptarment of Surgery, University of California, San Francisco-East Bay, Oakland, California.
    Digital : AccessSurgery2016
    "You need exposure to high-yield cases to excel in the surgery clerkship and on the shelf exam. Case Files: Surgery presents 56 real-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in surgery. Each case includes a complete discussion, clinical pearls, references, definitions of key terms, and USMLE-style review questions. With this system, you'll learn in the context of real patients, rather then merely memorize facts."--Publisher's website.
  • edited by Rebecca Jeanmonod, Michelle Tomassi, Dan Mayer.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    "A case-based book organized by the top 10 common complaints of patients presenting to emergency departments. This approach allows the reader to learn the pathophysiology of the major diseases, and analyze each case in a way that more closely approximates the clinical practice of medicine; not knowing which organ system is damaged or compromised before examining the patient. The cases are based on real patients and the diseases are either common in emergency practice, or are dangerous diagnoses not to be missed. The case descriptions include questions regarding the patient's presentation and basic information about the disease, illustrating key elements from the history, physical, and when necessary ancillary studies that help lead to a diagnosis. Each chapter ends with a flow diagram showing how diseases of different organ systems can present with similar initial complaints. This book is an ideal resource for medical students, residents and trainees in emergency medicine"--Provided by publisher.
  • Lynne Berdanier, Carolyn D. Berdanier.
    Digital : CRCnetBASE2010
    "Today's knowledge of human health demands a multidisciplinary understanding of medically related sciences, and Case Studies in the Physiology of Nutrition answers the call. Dedicated to the integration of nutrition science with physiology, this text cohesively incorporates descriptions of human problems in order to stimulate students' critical thinking about how the body integrates various physiological factors to maintain homeostasis. This textbook uses short story-type case studies about fictional individuals who have health problems in order to address a range of issues in an approachable manner. The studies vary in difficulty, with some being straightforward with very simple answers, while others require in-depth thinking and literature research to solve. Each study presents patient background, symptoms, clinical finding, and questions to ponder. Upon qualifying course adoption, this book also includes a valuable instructor's manual, which provides solutions to exercises, problem analysis, and resolution to each case study."--Publisher's description.
  • M. Becker [and others].
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • editors, James K. Stoller, Craig Nielsen, Janet Buccola, Andrei Brateanu.
    Digital : Ovid2014
    Section I. Multidisciplinary skills for the internet -- Section II. Infectious disease -- Section III. Hermatology and medical oncology -- Section IV. Rheumatology -- Section V. Pulmonary and critical care medicine -- Section VI. Endocrinology -- Section VII. Nephrology and hypertension -- Section VIII. Gastroenterology -- Section IX. Cardiology.
  • [edited by] Camille Sabella, Robert J. Cunningham III.
    Digital : Ovid2017
    "Review for the pediatric boards with confidence! <B>The Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Pediatrics, 5th Edition</B>, provides the core pediatric material you need to know in a practical format ideal for board review and preparation._ Up-to-date subspecialty chapters provide concise overviews with bulleted lists, tables, photographs, and radiographs, as well as new multiple-choice questions with detailed rationales._ Board simulation chapters in every section and at the end of the book, along with three practice exams, build your test-taking skills. Key Features:<ul><li>Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, review important concepts efficiently, and gain experience answering board-style questions.</li><li>An essential resource for physicians preparing for certification or recertification, and for primary care physicians seeking to update their knowledge of pediatrics.</li><li>Written primarily by distinguished faculty from Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.</li></ul>Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience:<ul><li>The ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time -- providing a seamless reading experience online or offline</li><li>Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks</li><li>Multiple viewing options that enable you to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design</li><li>The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click</li></ul>"--Provided by publisher.
  • Samir K. Shah, Daniel G. Clair, editors.
    Digital : Springer2014
    This book, from the faculty and residents of one of the world?s most respected hospitals, provides a comprehensive and concise approach to vascular disease. Beginning with the foundations of vascular disease and diagnosis, this text moves on to cover critical disease processes. Each section of the book, dedicated to a unique pathology, explains salient pathophysiology, presentation, diagnosis, treatment options, and outcomes. A special emphasis is given to both open and endovascular techniques and their related pitfalls. Additionally, reflecting the growing importance of evidence-based medicine, readers are provided with references to critical publications that underpin diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. Diagnosis, treatment, and more are provided succinctly, allowing this text to be broad in focus while remaining in a convenient portable format. As a brief review for practicing physicians or a primary educational text for fellows, residents, and medical students, Cleveland Clinic Manual of Vascular Surgery is a valuable addition to everyone?s library.
  • Gloria P. Craig.
    Digital : Ovid2009
  • editors, Allan L. Klein, Craig R. Asher.
    Digital : Ovid2017
  • Joel T. Levis, Gus M. Garmel.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • Joel I. Hamburger.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    v. 1. Thyroid disease.
  • John T. Finnell, Brian E. Dixon, editors.
    Digital : Springer2016
    This study guide is written to support the formal training required to become certified in clinical informatics. The content is structured to define and introduce key concepts with examples drawn from real-world experiences in order to impress upon the reader the core content from the field of clinical informatics. The book is divided into sections that group related chapters based on the major foci of the core content: health care delivery; clinical decision-making; information systems; leadership and managing teams; and professionalism. The chapters do not need to be read or taught in order, although the suggested order is consistent with how the editors have structured their curricula over the years. Clinical Informatics Study Guide: Text and Review serves as a reference for those seeking to independently study for a certifying examination or periodically reference while in practice. It further provides a roadmap for faculty who wish to go deeper in courses designed for physician fellows or graduate students in a variety of clinically oriented informatics disciplines, such as nursing, pharmacy, radiology, and public health.
  • George P. Lee.
    Digital : McGraw-Hill eBook Library2014
    Allergy & immunology -- Biostatistics -- Cardiology -- Dermatology -- EKG -- Endocrinology -- Ethics -- Gastroenterology -- Gynecology -- Hematology -- Neurology -- Obstetrics -- Ophthalmology -- Orthopedics -- Otolaryngology -- Psychiatry -- Pulmonary -- Renal and genitourinary -- Rheumatology -- Vascular.
  • Puneet K. Gupta, MD, MSE, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, Pradeep Modur, MD, MS, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, Srikanth Muppidi, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, California.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    Anatomy and physiology -- Electronics and instrumentation -- Nerve conduction studies and electromyography (EMG) -- Electroencephalography (EEG) -- Evoked potentials and intraoperative monitoring (IOM) -- Polysomnography and other sleep studies (PSG) -- Advanced topics : high frequency oscillations (HFOs), DC shifts, transcranial electrical stimulation (TES), motor evoked potential (MEP), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), magnetoencephalopgraphy (MEG), autonomic testing, blink reflex, single fiber EMG (SFEMG), quantitative EEG (QEEG) -- Ethics and safety.
  • editors, Kenneth M. Hargreaves, Louis H. Berman ; web editor, Ilan Rotstein.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2016
    Diagnosis -- Radiographic interpretation -- Case selection and treatment planning -- Pain control -- Tooth morphology, isolation, and access -- Cleaning and shaping the root canal system -- Obturation of the cleaned and shaped root canal system -- Nonsurgical retreatment -- Periradicular surgery -- Regenerative endodontics -- Evaluation of outcomes -- Structure and functions of the dentin-pulp complex -- Pulpal reactions to caries and dental procedures -- Microbiology of endodontic infections -- Pathobiology of apical periodontitis -- Root resorption -- Diagnosis of nonodontogenic toothache -- Management of endodontic emergencies -- Managing iatrogenic endodontic events -- The role of endodontics after dental traumatic injuries -- Cracks and fractures -- Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth -- Vital pulp therapy -- Pediatric endodontics : endodontic treatment for the primary and young permanent dentition -- Endodontic and periodontal interrelationships -- Effects of age and systemic health on endodontics -- Bleaching procedures -- Understanding and managing the fearful dental patient -- Endodontic records and legal responsibilities -- Key principles of endodontic practice management.
  • [edited by] Mark K. Borsody.
    Digital : Thieme Book2013
    Digital : Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery2013
    Neuroanatomy / Jose Rafols, Gregory P. Van Stavern, and Marchello Cherchi -- Vascular diseases of the nervous system / Mark K. Borsody, Renee Bailey Van Stavern -- Seizures and epilepsy / Stephan Schuele -- Disorders of myelination / Rana Zabad -- Tumors of the nervous system / Jeffrey Raizer -- Headache and pain disorders / Jan Lewis Brandes and Susan Roberson -- Behavioral neurology and psychiatry / Randall Benson ... [et al.] -- Movement disorders / Aleksander Videnovic -- Diseases of the nerves / Jeffrey Allen -- Diseases of the muscles / Huned Patwa and Hajime Tokuno -- Infections of the nervous system / Mahmoud Rayes and Alexandros Tselis -- Development and metabolic diseases of the nervous system / Alexander Bassuk -- Systemic diseases affecting the nervous system / Casey Dunn, Jeff Wiese, and Joe Tarsia.
  • Paul V. Birinyi [and 7 others].
    Digital : Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery2017
    Physiology -- Anatomy -- Adult neurosurgery -- Pediatric neurosurgery -- Neurology -- Radiology -- Pathology/histology -- Ophthalmology -- Critical care -- Competencies/health care/biostatistics -- Physiology -- Anatomy -- Adult neurosurgery -- Pediatric neurosurgery -- Neurology -- Radiology -- Pathology/histology -- Ophthalmology -- Critical care -- Competencies/health care/biostatistics -- Practive exam questions -- Practice exam answers.
  • [edited by] Jonathan S. Citow , R. Loch Macdonald, Daniel Refai.
    Digital : Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery2010
    Anatomy -- Physiology -- Pathology and radiology -- Neurology -- Neurosurgery -- Critical care -- Glossary of abbreviations.
  • Digital : Ovidv. 1-, 1994-
  • Conrad Fischer, MD, Residency Program Director, Department of Medicine, Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, Associate Professor of Physiology, Pharmacology and Medicine, Touro College of Medicine, New York, New York.
    Digital : McGraw-Hill eBook Library2014
  • Prometheus Lionhart, M.D.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    Volume 1. Pediatrics -- Gastrointestinal -- Urinary -- Reproductive -- Endocrine -- Thoracic -- Cardiac -- Vascular -- IR -- Mammo Volume 2. Neuro -- Musculoskeletal -- Nuclear -- Strategy -- Physics -- Non interpretive skills -- Biostatistics.
  • Prometheus Lionhart, M.D.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • [edited by] Polly E. Parsons, Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2013
    "Get the most out of your study and review with Critical Care Secrets! This easy-to-read book uses the popular and trusted Secrets Series® question-and-answer format to cover all areas of critical care medicine, focusing on the practical, "in-the-trenches" know-how you need to succeed both in practice, and on board and recertification exams. The easy-to-read approach of the Secrets books has been serving medical professionals for decades."--Publisher's website.

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