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DynaMed Plus

Installation instructions
  • From the DynaMed Plus homepage, under the left column, "Spotlight", select “Get the DynaMed Plus Mobile App”

  • You will be prompted for your email address to get instructions and a link for downloading the app

  • DynaMed will email you immediately; open the email on your phone

  • For additional download assistance, check
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Installation instructions

You must be on a Stanford IP address when creating an UpToDate account

  • From the UpToDate homepage, in the upper right corner select “Register”

  • Once you’ve registered with a username and password, download the app for your device

  • Open the app on your device and log in using the username and password you just created

  • You can also find this information at

  • Users will have these options in UpToDate MobileComplete:

    - No Offline Content,
    - Topics, requiring a minimum of 400 MB of local storage, or
    - Topics and Graphics, requiring a minimum of 1.1 GB of local storage

  • Users will not be forced to download the UpToDate MobileComplete offline content. It is optional.
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Drug Databases


Installation instructions
  • From the Micromedex homepage, in the upper right corner, select 'Download Center' or in the bottom right select 'Download Mobile Apps'.

  • Instructions for installation and updated passwords are posted there for each app

  • For additional download assistance, check
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Installation instructions
  • From the Lexi-Comp homepage, select 'Mobile App Access'

  • You will be redirected to Wolters Kluwer

  • From that page, follow the instructions applicable to your device

  • You must register with your organization email address

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Diagnosis Tools


Installation instructions
Download links
DynaMed PlusContent is actually downloaded to your phone, so it is available wherever regardless of Internet connectionStorage space
UpToDateWith UpToDate Mobile Complete, all content can be downloaded to your phone: you can opt for no offline, topics, or topics and graphicsHave to login every 90 days for account to stay active; Storage space
MicromedexMultiple modules are available through Lane’s subscriptionContent doesn’t live in one place
Lexi-CompWith Lexi-Comp, content is downloaded and stored to your phone, so it is available even without an Internet connectionHave to login every 90 days for account to stay active; Storage space
VisualDxCrisp visual images and the ability to build a differential by inputting symptomsAvailable content varies among diagnoses