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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Volar aspect of forearm

Relation of median nerve to pronator teres muscle

Image #97-6

KEYWORDS: Neuralnetwork, Vasculature.

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Volar aspect of forearm
Relation of median nerve to pronator teres muscle
The humeral head of the pronator teres has been cut away (9,16). The flexor carpi radialis has been transected at its origin (18) and reflected medially. No lymph nodes were found in the cubital fossa in this specimen.
1 . Biceps brachii muscle
2 . Brachial veins
3 . Median nerve
4 . Brachioradialis muscle
5 . Ulnar artery
6 . Radial artery
7 . Muscular branch of median nerve (to flexor carpi radialis muscle)
8 . Pronator teres muscle (ulnar head)
9 . Pronator teres muscle (humeral head; note associated muscular branches of median nerve)
10 . Branches of middle antebrachial cutaneous nerve
11 . Basilic vein
12 . Ulnar nerve
13 . Medial intermuscular septum
14 . Inferior ulnar collateral artery
15 . Brachialis muscle
16 . Pronator teres muscle (humeral head)
17 . Medial epicondyle of humerus
18 . Flexor carpi radialis muscle (reflected medially)
19 . Anterior recurrent ulnar artery
20 . Flexor digitorum superficialis (humeral head)