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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Cavity of right shoulder joint, lateral view

Image #95-1

KEYWORDS: Muscles and tendons, Shoulder.

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Cavity of right shoulder joint, lateral view
The muscles of the shoulder have been resected and the lateral part of the joint capsule cut away. The upper part of the humerus has been removed.
1 . Acromioclavicular ligament
2 . Subdeltoid bursa
3 . Acromion of scapula
4 . Tendon of supraspinatus muscle
5 . Subcoracoid bursa
6 . Glenoid labrum
7 . Glenoid cavity
8 . Infraspinatus muscle
9 . Deltoid muscle
10 . Teres minor muscle
11 . Body of humerus
12 . Branches of axillary nerve
13 . Posterior circumflex artery of humerus
14 . Coracoid process of scapula
15 . Superior glenohumeral ligament
16 . Biceps brachii muscle (short head)
17 . Tendon of subscapularis muscle (detached from lesser tubercle)
18 . Upper pointer: Bursa subscapularis Lower pointer: Middle glenohumeral ligament
19 . Biceps brachii muscle (long head)
20 . Cephalic vein
21 . Pectoralis major muscle