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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Nerve and blood supply to left trapezius muscle

Image #93-1

KEYWORDS: Neuralnetwork, Peripheral nervous system, Shoulder, Vasculature.

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Nerve and blood supply to left trapezius muscle
The muscle has been reflected laterally from its origin. The underlying fascia remains intact.
1 . Origins of muscle trapezius (cut across)
2 . Superficial fascia (deep lamina of external layer)
3 . Accessory nerve (XI)
4 . Trapezius muscle (reflected laterally)
5 . Acromion of scapula
6 . Branch of superficial transverse artery to trapezius (divided)
7 . Deltoid muscle
8 . Lateral brachial cutaneous nerve
9 . Intercostobrachial nerve (displaced upwards)
10 . Teres major muscle
11 . Triceps brachii muscle
12 . Spinous process vertebrae C. VII
13 . Trapezius muscle
14 . Rhomboid major muscle
15 . Sacrospinalis muscle (beneath lumbodorsal fascia)
16 . Triangle of auscultation
17 . Latissimus dorsi muscle