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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Angiogram, right shoulder of newborn, A-P view

Image #88-3

KEYWORDS: Peripheral nervous system, Shoulder.

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Angiogram, right shoulder of newborn, A-P view
Thorotrast was injected into the innominate artery. The vertebral border of the scapula is only faintly visible parallel and close to the descending branch (16) of the transverse cervical artery.
1 . Transverse scapular artery
2 . Clavicle
3 . Spine of scapula
4 . Acromial branch thoracoacromial artery
5 . Branch to deltoid of thoracoacromial artery
6 . Pectoral branch of thoracoacromial artery
7 . Posterior circumflex artery of humerus
8 . Deep brachial artery (incompletely filled)
9 . Upper pointer: Muscular branch brachial artery Lower pointer: Body of humerus
10 . Nutritive artery of humerus
11 . Superficial cervical artery
12 . Ascending branch superficial transverse artery
13 . Superficial transverse artery (arises from a common stem with transverse scapular artery)
14 . Subclavian artery
15 . Upper pointer: Clavicular branch of thoracoacromial artery Lower pointer: Thoracoacromial artery
16 . Descending branch superficial transverse artery
17 . Axillary artery
18 . Lateral thoracic artery
19 . Subscapular artery
20 . Circumflex scapular artery
21 . Thoracodorsal artery
22 . Brachial artery