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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Right shoulder of 16-year-old girl, A-P view

Image #88-2

KEYWORDS: Muscles and tendons, Shoulder.

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Right shoulder of 16-year-old girl, A-P view
This film was obtained through the courtesy of Dr. Sydney F. Thomas.
1 . Rib I
2 . Clavicle
3 . Spine of scapula
4 . Scapular notch
5 . Coracoid process of scapula
6 . Left pointer: Epiphyseal line Right pointer: Acromioclavicular joint
7 . Acromion of scapula
8 . Head of humerus
9 . Greater tubercle of humerus
10 . Lesser tubercle of humerus
11 . Epiphyseal line
12 . Glenoid cavity of scapula
13 . Body of humerus
14 . Vertebral margin of scapula