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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Hyoid bone and framework of larynx

Superior view

Image #84-1

KEYWORDS: Fascia and connective tissue.

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Hyoid bone and framework of larynx
Superior view
The periosteum has been removed from the hyoid bone and the perichondrium scraped from the laryngeal cartilages. The elastic cone and vocal ligaments have been preserved and the articular capsules retained.
1 . Body hyoid bone
2 . Epiglottal cartilage
3 . Lesser horn hyoid bone
4 . Left lamina thyroid cartilage
5 . Greater horn hyoid bone
6 . Superior horn thyroid cartilage
7 . Corniculate cartilage
8 . Base of arytenoid cartilage
9 . Upper pointer: Interarytenoid incisure Lower pointer: Posterior cricoarytenoid ligament
10 . Lamina of cricoid cartilage
11 . Trachea
12 . Thyroepiglottic ligament
13 . Vocal ligament
14 . Rim of glottis
15 . Conus elasticus
16 . Arch of cricoid cartilage
17 . Upper pointer: Apex of arytenoid cartilage Lower pointer: Muscular process of arytenoid cartilage
18 . Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
19 . Cricothyroid joint capsule
20 . Inferior horn thyroid cartilage
21 . Cricothyroid joint capsule