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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of pharynx from left lateral approach

Otic ganglion; tensor veli palatini muscle, lateral view

Image #66-3

KEYWORDS: Muscles and tendons, Peripheral nervous system, Pharynx, Throat.

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Dissection of pharynx from left lateral approach
Otic ganglion; tensor veli palatini muscle, lateral view
Veins and connective tissue have been removed to demonstrate the tensor veli palatini muscle with its nerve supply from the otic ganglion (19). The styloglossus muscle has been partially resected to expose the stylopharyngeus muscle.
1 . Upper pointer: Sphenoid sinus (mucosa removed) Lower pointer: Pterygoid canal (vidian) (cut open)
2 . Sphenopalatine ganglion
3 . Internal maxillary artery (cut off)
4 . Artery of pterygoid canal
5 . Descending palatine artery
6 . Superior posterior alveolar artery
7 . Anterior palatine nerve
8 . Pterygoid fossa
9 . Tensor veli palatini muscle
10 . Tendinous band attaching mucosa of palate to pterygoid process
11 . Position of pterygoid hamulus
12 . Upper pointer: Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle Lower pointer: Buccinator muscle (no distinct pterygomandibular raphe is discernable separating the two muscles)
13 . Upper pointer: Lymphatic vessel from palate Lower pointer: Ascending palatine artery
14 . Stylopharyngeus muscle
15 . Styloglossus muscle (cut across and opened to show nerve supply)
16 . Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
17 . Branch of hypoglossal nerve to styloglossus muscle
18 . Upper pointer: Mandibular nerve (V) Lower pointer: Foramen ovale (opened)
19 . Upper pointer: Otic ganglion Lower pointer: Middle meningeal artery (foramen spinosum opened)
20 . Chorda tympani
21 . Tensor veli palatini nerve
22 . Alar fascia
23 . Styloid process
24 . Levator veli palatini muscle
25 . Digastric muscle (cut off)
26 . Upper pointer: Facial nerve (VII) Lower pointer: Internal jugular vein
27 . Upper pointer: Tendon of stylohyoid muscle Lower pointer: Tip of styloid process
28 . Upper pointer: Rectus capitis lateralis muscle Lower pointer: Transverse process atlas
29 . Occipital artery
30 . Anterior rami cervical nerve II
31 . Hypoglossal nerve (XII)
32 . (Gray) ramus communicans from superior cervical ganglion to cervical nerve II
33 . External carotid nerve plexus
34 . Vagus nerve (X)