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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left temporal region

Anterior deep temporal artery, anterolateral view

Image #64-6

KEYWORDS: Scalp, Vasculature.

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Dissection of left temporal region
Anterior deep temporal artery, anterolateral view
The coronoid process of the mandible (17) has been cut away. The temporal muscle has been detached from its origin and reflected posterolaterally. Fat within the anterior part of the temporal fossa has been removed. The buccal fat pad seen previously was continuous with this fat.
1 . Zygomaticotemporal branch zygomatic nerve
2 . Anterior deep temporal nerve
3 . Fascia covering inferior oblique muscle
4 . Artery and nerve emerging from zygomaticofacial foramen
5 . Zygomatic branch of deep anterior temporal artery
6 . Deep anterior temporal artery
7 . Upper pointer: Superior posterior alveolar artery Lower pointer: Communication between above two arteries
8 . Infraorbital head of levator labii superioris muscle
9 . Internal pterygoid muscle (covered by fascia)
10 . Branch of deep anterior temporal artery to superior posterior alveolar artery and buccal artery
11 . Molar glands
12 . Buccinator muscle
13 . Temporalis muscle (area of origin)
14 . Temporalis muscle (reflected)
15 . Branch anterior deep temporal nerve
16 . Ramus of mandible
17 . Cut surface of coronoid process of mandible
18 . Upper pointer: Band of fascia continuous from deep surface of temporalis muscle inferiorly into fascia which covers buccinator muscle Lower pointer: Buccal nerve