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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left buccal region

Relations of buccinator muscle and nerve, lateral view

Image #64-1

KEYWORDS: Cheek, Face, Muscles and tendons, Peripheral nervous system.

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Dissection of left buccal region
Relations of buccinator muscle and nerve, lateral view
The masseter muscle, coronoid process of the mandible and buccal fat pad has been removed so that the buccinator muscle and associated structures are visible.
1 . Zygomatic bone (cut across)
2 . Infraorbital nerve (cut off near infraorbital foramen)
3 . Depressor anguli oris (cut off)
4 . Periosteum covering alveolar process of maxilla
5 . Buccinator muscle (superior part)
6 . Superior labial artery
7 . Labial commissure
8 . Labial glands
9 . Buccinator muscle (inferior part)
10 . Inferior labial artery
11 . Marginal mandibular branches facial nerve (terminal filaments)
12 . Depressor labii inferioris muscle
13 . Temporalis muscle
14 . Superior posterior alveolar artery
15 . Communicating branch between deep anterior temporal artery and superior posterior alveolar artery
16 . Transverse facial artery (cut off)
17 . Cut surface of mandible (coronoid process removed)
18 . Buccal nerve
19 . Parotid duct (cut off)
20 . Posterior belly of digastric muscle
21 . Superior deep cervical lymph nodes
22 . Angle of mandible
23 . External maxillary artery
24 . Internal jugular vein
25 . Submandibular branches of submandibular ganglion