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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left ear from superior aspect

Tympanic membrane and chorda tympani, anterosuperior view

Image #61-5

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Connective tissue, Ear, Peripheral nervous system, Vasculature.

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Dissection of left ear from superior aspect
Tympanic membrane and chorda tympani, anterosuperior view
The sloping lateral wall of the tympanic cavity has been exposed. The anterior malleolar fold of mucous membrane has been removed to reveal the chorda tympani. The external auditory meatus has been opened and the condyle of the mandible exposed by cutting away the articular cartilage above it. Anteriorly, the floor of the middle cranial fossa has been removed to expose the internal carotid artery, auditory tube and otic ganglion.
1 . Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII) (vestibular part)
2 . Facial nerve (VII)
3 . Cochlea
4 . Upper pointer: Tendon of tensor tympani muscle Lower pointer: Tympanic membrane
5 . Greater superficial petrosal nerve
6 . Lesser superficial petrosal nerve (note connection with otic ganglion)
7 . Tensor tympani muscle
8 . Internal carotid plexus
9 . Internal carotid artery (within carotid canal)
10 . Nerve to tensor tympani muscle (from otic ganglion)
11 . Deep petrosal nerve
12 . Otic ganglion (two small separate ganglionic masses present)
13 . Plexus of small nerve filaments covering medial surface of mandibular nerve (connections undetermined)
14 . Mandibular nerve (V)
15 . Tympanic antrum
16 . Upper pointer: Lateral semicircular canal Lower pointer: Vestibule (utricle and saccule removed)
17 . Upper pointer: Short crus incus Lower pointer: Capitulum mallei
18 . External acoustic meatus
19 . Sensory nerve to skin of meatus (branch of auriculotemporal nerve)
20 . Flaccida part of tympanic membrane
21 . Anterior process malleus
22 . Chorda tympani
23 . Articular disc of mandible (cut through)
24 . Capitulum (head) of mandible
25 . Middle meningeal artery
26 . External pterygoid muscle
27 . Masseteric nerve