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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of ear from lateral aspect

Left tympanic membrane, anteroinferior view

Image #60-3

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Ear.

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Dissection of ear from lateral aspect
Left tympanic membrane, anteroinferior view
The anterior wall of the external auditory canal has been removed to reveal the tympanic membrane through which the manubrium of the malleus is visible. Due to the direction of view, however, the manubrium does not present the anterosuperior inclination customarily seen in otoscopic examination.
1 . Cut edge of bony roof of external auditory canal
2 . Flaccid part of tympanic membrane
3 . Lateral process malleus (forming malleolar prominence)
4 . Manubrium of malleus (visible as malleolar stria)
5 . Pars tensa tympanic membrane
6 . Petrotympanic fissure
7 . External surface of tympanic annulus seen at 3 in previous view
8 . Temporal bone (squamous part)
9 . Sphenosquamous suture
10 . Limbus tympanic membrane
11 . Annulus fibrocartilaginous tympanic membrane
12 . Cut edge of osseous floor of auditory canal
13 . Angular spine
14 . Tympanic part temporal bone
15 . Alar fascia
16 . Styloid process
17 . Temporal bone (squamous part) forming roof of external acoustic meatus
18 . Mastoid cells
19 . Skin lining external acoustic meatus
20 . Tympanomastoid suture
21 . Cut edge of tympanic part of temporal bone
22 . Lateral margin of tympanic part of temporal bone
23 . Facial nerve (VII)