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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left orbit from a lateral approach

Relation of orbital contents to structures within pterygopalatine fossa

Image #55-6

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Eye, Face, Peripheral nervous system.

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Dissection of left orbit from a lateral approach
Relation of orbital contents to structures within pterygopalatine fossa
The lateral wall and part of the roof (16) of the orbit have been cut away and a narrow rim of bone left at the orbital margin (3) for orientation. The position of the superior and inferior orbital fissures may still be identified posteriorly near the roof and floor of the orbit because of the nerves (22,23,24), blood vessels (20,26), smooth muscle (11) and fascia which have been retained. For the size and shape of the fissures in the bony orbit reference should be made to 37-1.
1 . Remnant of superior lacrimal gland
2 . Lacrimal artery and vein
3 . Supraorbital margin
4 . Cut end of anastomotic branch of lacrimal nerve with zygomatic nerve
5 . Lateral check ligament
6 . Lateral rectus muscle
7 . Inferior musclar branch of ophthalmic artery
8 . Area of blending of fascias of lateral and inferior rectus muscles and inferior oblique muscle
9 . Zygomaticofacial branch of zygomatic nerve
10 . Periorbita of floor of orbit
11 . Orbital muscle (Müller's muscle situated within inferior orbital fissure)
12 . Infraorbital artery
13 . Mucoperiosteum of maxillary sinus
14 . Superior posterior alveolar nerve
15 . Levator palpebrae superioris muscle
16 . Superior wall orbit (cut away)
17 . Superior rectus muscle
18 . Lacrimal nerve
19 . Superior ophthalmic vein
20 . Recurrent branch of lacrimal artery which communicated through superior orbital fissure with middle meningeal artery)
21 . Anterior clinoid process
22 . Trochlear nerve (IV)
23 . Ophthalmic nerve (VI) entering Superior orbital fissure
24 . Abducens nerve (VI)
25 . Branch of oculomotor nerve (III) to inferior oblique muscle
26 . Upper pointer: Branch of Inferior ophthalmic vein Lower pointer: Orbital branch of sphenopalatine ganglion
27 . Foramen rotundum
28 . Upper pointer: Zygomatic nerve Lower pointer: Cut surface of greater wing of sphenoid bone
29 . Maxillary nerve (V2)
30 . Pharyngeal branch of artery of pterygoid canal
31 . Internal maxillary nerve plexus
32 . Internal maxillary artery