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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

General orientation views of dissection

Parotid gland; distribution of facial nerve, lateral view

Image #49-3

KEYWORDS: Cheek, Exocrine and endocrine, Face, Peripheral nervous system, Vasculature, Overview.

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General orientation views of dissection
Parotid gland; distribution of facial nerve, lateral view
The parotideomasseteric fascia has been cut away to reveal the parotid gland and various branches of the facial nerve. In the temporal region the auricular muscles, orbicularis oculi muscle, galea aponeurotica and underlying temporal fascia have been resected but superficial branches of nerves and arteries have been preserved. The course of the external maxillary artery and anterior facial vein is displayed. The latter consists of several small vessels superiorly. In the cervical region the platysma has been extensively cut away and the external layer of deep cervical fascia removed. Close-up views which illustrate more details of this dissection are to be found as follows
1 . Temporal fascia
2 . Auriculotemporal nerve
3 . Temporal branches of facial nerve
4 . Orbicularis oculi muscle (partially removed)
5 . Zygomatic branches of facial nerve
6 . Zygomaticus muscle (cut across and reflected superiorly)
7 . Infraorbital branches of facial nerve
8 . Levator labii superioris muscle
9 . Buccal branches of facial nerve
10 . Anterior facial vein
11 . External maxillary artery
12 . Marginal mandibular branches of facial nerve
13 . Platysma (cut across and reflected)
14 . Mentalis muscle
15 . Fascia enclosing submandibular gland
16 . Branch colli facial nerve
17 . Occipitalis muscle
18 . Posterior auricular muscle
19 . Lesser occipital nerve
20 . Parotid gland
21 . Greater auricular nerve
22 . Masseter muscle
23 . Sternocleidomastoid muscle
24 . Accessory nerve (branch to trapezius muscle)
25 . Cutaneus colli nerve
26 . External jugular vein
27 . Superficial cervical lymph glands