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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Roentgenogram of skull, inferosuperior view

Image #35-7

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Overview.

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Roentgenogram of skull, inferosuperior view
In this specimen one of the depressions (18) in the parietal bone which accommodates arachnoidal granulations (see Section I, 1-3) is unusually prominent as an area of rarification in the bone.
1 . Frontal sinus
2 . Inferior orbital fissure
3 . Maxillary sinus (posterior portion)
4 . Wall of cranial vault separating middle cranial fossa (below) from infratemporal fossa (above)
5 . Lesser wing of sphenoid bone (note continuation medially into anterior clinoid process)
6 . Position of mandibular fossa
7 . Posterior margin of petrosal part of temporal bone
8 . Mastoid process
9 . Occipitomastoid suture
10 . Nasolacrimal canal
11 . Anterior surface of maxilla (pointer near Infraorbital foramen)
12 . Lateral wall of cranial vault (anterior cranial fossa lies medial to this)
13 . Zygomatic arch
14 . Sphenoid sinus (ethmoidal cells visible anteriorly)
15 . Carotid canal
16 . External acoustic meatus
17 . Foramen magnum occipital (junction of coronal suture and sagittal suture visible in background)
18 . Depression in parietal bone for arachnoidal granulations
19 . Sagittal suture