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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Roentgenogram of skull, left lateral view

Image #35-2

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Overview.

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Roentgenogram of skull, left lateral view
The position of sutures on the left (near) surface of skull has been indicated by solid lines in the drawing.
1 . Coronal suture
2 . Frontal bone (squamous portion)
3 . Location of temporal line left
4 . Frontal sinus
5 . Superior wall of orbit (the two dotted lines above represent the floor of the left and right anterior cranial fossae) 6. Margin of left orbit (faintly visible in view)
7 . Greater wing of sphenoid (bordering left middle cranial fossa)
8 . Fossa of lacrimal sac (faintly visible)
9 . Sella turcica
10 . Sphenopalatine foramen (Pterygopalatine fossa visible slightly inferiorly)
11 . Zygomatic bone (faintly visible superimposed on maxillary sinus)
12 . Mental foramen
13 . Inner surface of cranial vault in midsagittal plane
14 . Parietal bone (grooves for middle meningeal artery visible anteriorly; channels for temporal posterior diploic vein visible posteriorly)
15 . Squamous suture
16 . Temporal bone (squamous part)
17 . Lambdoidal suture
18 . Mastoid cells (extending into temporal bone (squamous part)
19 . Location of external acoustic meatus
20 . Transverse sinus leading anteriorly into sigmoid sinus
21 . External occipital protuberance
22 . Mastoid process (occipital condyles visible slightly anteriorly)
23 . Zygomatic arch left (faintly visible)
24 . Pterygoid process of sphenoid bone
25 . Hard palate (inferior surface in midline)
26 . Mandibular canal