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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Radiographs of the brain

Postero-anterior (P-A) pneumoencephalogram

Image #34-7

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Ventricules, Overview.

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Radiographs of the brain
Postero-anterior (P-A) pneumoencephalogram
The subject has been placed in a prone position. The lateral ventricles are completely outlined by air. Some air is also contained within the third ventricle (3). The fourth ventricle (2) and the cerebral aqueduct are less distinct and are in part obscured by air in the frontal sinuses (11). Small collections of air (not drawn) can be seen within the subarachnoid spaces in many sulci of the brain. (These films have been reproduced through the courtesy of Dr. Howard L. Jones of the Palo Alto Hospital.)
1 . Calvaria
2 . Fourth ventricle
3 . Third ventricle (partially filled)
4 . Anterior horn lateral ventricle
5 . Central part lateral ventricle
6 . Posterior horn lateral ventricle
7 . Inferior horn of lateral ventricle
8 . Temporal surface of frontal bone
9 . Orbital part of frontal bone
10 . Outline of petrosal part of temporal bone
11 . Frontal sinus
12 . Outline of Basilar part of occipital bone
13 . Inferior nasal concha
14 . Bony nasal septum
15 . Nasal cavity
16 . Dens
17 . Ramus of mandible.